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January 23, 2022

Professional Body Double 職業替身 (Audio Drama OST)

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Currently following Shui Qian Cheng 水千丞’s latest 188 novel, Alpha Predator 頂級掠食者, and Yan Mingxiu 晏明修 from Professional Body Double 職業替身 has already made a guest appearance in the early chapters and immediately declared he is a married man… I remember reading somewhere someone mentioned that these 188 bastards always appeared as the perfect husbands when they are in someone else’s novels, nobody would have guessed the awful things they did in their own novel. So true, LOL… Anyway I suddenly realised I haven’t checked if there was an audio drama for Professional Body Double and theme songs from it. Well of course there was and two seasons of it…

Professional Body Double 職業替身 (season 1 theme song) – Will 林偉杰 & 趙科源

Tomorrow, with You 明天,和你 (season 2 theme song) – Will 林偉杰

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