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June 12, 2021

Pass By 擦肩而過 – Sam Lee 李聖傑

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Recently Zhejiang Satellite TV 浙江衛視 has been showing old music clips of songs from their 2016 variety singing show Sound of My Dream 夢想的聲音 on their YouTube channel. As a result, a song performed by Sam Lee on the show became one of the most viewed music clips the last couple of weeks on their music channel. Hmm, and then I realized I haven’t listened to his songs for a number of years, and dug out one of his hits from 2008 to listen to again. Interestingly I have not seen a lot of the Mandopop music videos pre-2010, or until music companies started to upload old MVs onto YouTube, so it is also the first time I have watched the MV for this song! So here it is…


June 11, 2021

Light of Sanctuary 裹著心的光 – JJ Lin 林俊傑

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This is a new MV from JJ, a song to commemorate the end of his two-year, 43-city Sanctuary World Tour concerts which will culminate on July 10, 2021 with an online finale. The Chinese title of the song translated as the Light that Wraps around the Heart. The song is very heart warming, while at the same time bringing with it a melancholy feel, and after first listen, in my mind it very much felt like a graduation song, LOL…


June 7, 2021

【飲食男女】Deconstruction of 5 Dim Sum Dishes 五款香港點心大解構

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Just saw this Cantonese documentary of the 5 most popular dim sum dishes in Hong Kong last night. Very insightful unravelling the secrets of the making of these dishes. I especially love how they show us the techniques of how the dim sum masters wrap these little morsels of delight, and also give us some fantastic details of the pastries and fillings! Even though the documentary is in Cantonese, there is Chinese subtitles, and even if you don’t read Chinese or understand Cantonese, watching the techniques of making these dim sum dishes is still very rewarding. In fact I finally found out the reason, after so many years, of why I got two different colour tones on my Ma Lai Koh!


June 6, 2021

Love Area ครั้งหนึ่งเราเคยรักกัน (Thai TV Series OST)

Love Area the Series ครั้งหนึ่งเราเคยรักกัน is a new 10-episode Thai BL TV series that was scheduled to premiere last month, May 8, 2021, but was postponed. The new premiere date has not been announced yet. The theme song, Stay Together แค่เธออยู่, is sung by Jeff Satur.


June 5, 2021

Foolish Heart 太傻 – Della 丁噹

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This is a new cover of a hit Mandopop song from the 1990s by Della 丁噹. The song was composed by Malaysian singer Eric Moo 巫啟賢 in 1993 to give to his junior, Mindy Quah 柯以敏, another Malaysian singer for her first album. Eric covered the song the next year, 1994, and his version also became a classic and has been a favourite of mine ever since. I have included all 3 versions below.


June 4, 2021

Chef is a Great Detective シェフは名探偵 (Japanese TV OST)

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Chef is a Great Detective, or Shefu wa Mei Tantei 《シェフは名探偵/主廚是名偵探》 is a new Japanese drama that started airing on May 31, 2021 with a total of 10 episodes. When I saw the title of the TV series, I immediately got interested since I love mystery dramas and this one also include my other passion, food! The series starred Nishijima Hidetoshi 西島秀俊 who also starred in another excellent food-related TV series in 2019, What Did You Eat Yesterday? きのう何食べた?… So I guess once again don’t watch this series on an empty stomach!

The TV series is based on the Bistro Pas Mal ビストロ・パ・マル series of 3 Japanese novels by Kondō Fumie 近藤史恵 – Un rêve de Tarte Tatin タルト・タタンの夢 (Tarte Tatin’s Dream), Vin chaud pour vous ヴァン・ショーをあなたに (Vin chaud for you), and Un macaron, c’est un macaron マカロンはマカロン (Macaron is macaron).


June 1, 2021

Top Mandopop Songs (week ending May 29, 2021)

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Malaysian singer Andrew Tan 陳勢安 has taken the top spots in Taiwan and Singapore Mandopop charts for his new album and singles this week, congratulations!


May 31, 2021

【Triple Play】《萬字情詩》《窒息》《一生渡我》

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Three fanfic songs written for My Roommate is a Detective 民國奇探 from last year and We Best Love from earlier this year. Actually strictly speaking just two songs, since the music from one song is used for two songs with different lyrics.


May 24, 2021

Kaleidoscope of Death (Audio Drama Theme Song) 廣播劇《死亡萬花筒》主題曲

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Welcome into the world of doors 歡迎進入門的世界! I have just started reading this BL novel, Kaleidoscope of Death 死亡萬花筒, by Xi Zi Xu 西子緒 which is a highly recommended Chinese BL novel. It has a very unusual BL story with mystery, horror, supernatural, and suspenseful plotlines. At the moment, I have just reached the second door, and the clue is based around the Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale, Fitcher’s Bird, so you can imagine where the story is going… As I was searching for songs from the audio drama, there is a song based on the Japanese children’s game of Kagome Kagome, so I am guessing another door leads to that in the later part of the novel… I won’t say too much about it yet as I am still very early into the novel, but I have to say after discovering Chinese BL novels, I have almost given up on watching BL TV series as nearly 80% of the TV series have very boring, amateurish plots. The only thing that keeps me interested in many of the current BL TV series is just the OST, LOL… If you are not afraid of reading horror stories, Novel Updates has the novel translated into English – I have just checked and they have virtually completed the translation just a few days ago.


May 23, 2021

【用點心做點心】Shrimp Shumai 蝦仁燒賣

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A Dimsum favourite, flower-pot dumplings, or shumai in Cantonese… Quite difficult to wrap by beginners, but this video shows you how to wrap up into flower-pot shape…

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