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About Corner Café

About Corner Café:

The culinary journey of an avid hobby baker…

A place to document and store some of my best loved tested recipes and to keep for all time sake…

About SeaDragon:

How I came about creating my pen name:
‘SEA’ in ‘SeaDragon’ stands for South-East Asia. ‘Dragon’ represents the Chinese dragon, the embodiment of the concept of being a male. Of course there’s also the actual fish called seadragon which is endemic to Australia. From all these facts, I’m therefore a male blogger, of Chinese ethnicity born in South-East Asia (specifically Malaysia), who now blogs from Australia.

My old blog (Oct 2004-Oct 2007):
Café of the East

My Forum:
Home Cooking Club

My old Photo Albums:
Webshots 1
Webshots 2

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