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November 28, 2021

【Manju 漫劇】Drunk in Love 一醉經年 (The 188 Series)

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Just came across this manhua drama of Drunk in Love, or also translated as Years of Intoxication 一醉經年 (one of the 188 series), hmmm, very surprised indeed! I knew the novel has been serialised into manhua since the beginning of this year, but it looks like they have turned it into something called manju now… Manju is a new term meaning a combination of manhua + video + drama, so it is still slightly different to dongman or donghua.


December 31, 2020

The Years of Intoxication (Audio Drama Theme Songs) 廣播劇《一醉經年》主題曲

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Reading the 188 series of BL novels at the moment and they are a torture to read but also very addicting, LOL… You just want to punch one of the main protagonists on the nose in the first half of the novels! I have read 2 of these novels in a row the past couple of weeks, currently reading another one, The Years of Intoxication 一醉經年. In the latter part of this novel, Song Juhan 宋居寒 sang a song he wrote to He Gu 何故 and at the same time came out of the closet in the final performance of his concert and, boy, it was a touching moment especially the speech he gave after he sang the song! The song, Ai He Gu 愛何辜 (translated as Is It a Crime to Love?) is actually a play of words to 愛何故 (Loving He Gu). The song actually exists! It is from the audio drama of the novel. I have also included two other songs from the audio drama…


December 24, 2020

Random Ramblings on BL Novels – The 188 Series 188男團系列耽美小説

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Currently I am in the midst of reading the 188 series of BL novels by Shui Qian Cheng 水千丞. The first time I came across this author was after watching the 2017 bromance TV series, Beloved Enemy 決對爭鋒 at the beginning of this year, later I started to read the BL novel the TV series was adapted from, 針鋒對決. Of course at the time I did not realise it was part of the 188 series, but I did notice that Yuan Yang 原煬 was really a badass in the novel compared to his watered down behaviour in the TV series.


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