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January 22, 2022

My Best Friend’s Breakfast 我吃了那男孩一整年的早餐 (Taiwanese Movie OST)

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My Best Friend’s Breakfast 我吃了那男孩一整年的早餐 is an upcoming Taiwanese romantic movie premiering on January 28, 2022 for the Lunar New Year slot. It is based on a true story mentioned on Taiwanese social networking platform, Dcard 狄卡, in 2015 and then written into a novel in 2016 by novelist Ikumisa (尾巴Misa) which became very popular. This movie will be Taiwanese singer Eric Chou 周興哲’s first starring role in a film. Without any surprise, he will be in charge of the music for the movie.


January 19, 2022

Snowdrop 설강화 雪降花 (Korean Series OST)

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Snowdrop 설강화 is a controversial 16-episode South Korean series that premiered on December 18, 2021. I have not heard of this series until today when I chanced upon a fantastic English song from the OST sung by Welsh singer, Jamie Miller, who was a contestant and took third place on The Voice UK in 2017.


January 16, 2022

【Sneak Peeks】Physical Therapy, My Ride, Enchanté, Re•started, & Secret Crush On You

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Teasers or trailers for 5 upcoming Thai BL series… Saturated schedules for BL dramas in the coming weeks. I probably will not watch all of them, My Ride and Enchanté are the only two that interest me… I will only do individual posts for them if the OST is good…


January 14, 2022

【Random Ramblings】Is the Immortal Master Exonerated Today? 仙尊今天洗白了嗎

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Well what do you know? A Chinese mini series that was purported as bromance, or even adapted from a BL novel, went online unannounced a couple of days ago on YouTube… As of now 7 episodes are available to watch…


January 10, 2022

【Sneak Peeks】My Best Friend’s Breakfast, Cherry Magic The Movie, DNA Says Love You, The Iron Four & Mom Don’t Do That

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Sneak previews of some upcoming movies and TV series from Taiwan and Japan…


January 9, 2022

Kei×Yaku: Dangerous Partners ケイ×ヤク-あぶない相棒- (Japanese Series OST)

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Kei×Yaku: Dangerous Partners ケイ×ヤク-あぶない相棒- (Kei×Yaku: Abunai Aibou) is an upcoming 10-episode Japanese “pretend BL” series based on the manga series of the same name by Kaoruhara Yoshie 薫原好江. Kei×Yaku (Keisatsu/police × Yakuza/Japanese mafia) is also a play on words, as keiyaku 契約 in Japanese means contract or agreement which is the “lover’s contract” in the plotline of this pretend BL series… The series will premiere on January 13, 2022 in Japan. They have also announced the 2 songs for the series will be sung by the newly formed Japanese boy group, OCTPATH, with 8 former contestants from season 2 of the reality show, Produce 101 Japan. Officially their debut single, It’s a Bop, which will be the first OST song for the series will be released on February 9, 2022, but it’ll be unveiled in the first episode of the series. Their second OST song, Be with You, will be unveiled in the second episode on January 20, 2022.


January 8, 2022

Something In My Room ผมกับผีในห้อง (Thai Series OST)

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Something In My Room ผมกับผีในห้อง is an upcoming 10-episode Thai BL series that will premiere on January 19, 2022. It is adapted from the Thai comics of the same name by Raflael_M. After reading the synopsis, it gave me the vibe of the 2019’s Thai BL series, He’s Coming to Me, as it also has the plot of solving the case of the death of the ghost in the story. However, I’m not sure if it will be a light-hearted story as He’s Coming to Me or it will be more scary in tone, but I will definitely give this series a go…


January 7, 2022

Behind Cut 비하인드 컷 (Korean Series OST)

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Behind Cut 비하인드 컷 is the lastest South Korean BL series that premiered on December 28, 2021. It is another typical South Korean short-episode series that is basically a movie-length film split into 8 short episodes for the first broadcast. This series is set in the fashion industry so it’s something new for the BL dramas.


December 30, 2021

Tinted with You 물들여 (Korean Webdrama OST)

Tinted with You 물들여 is a new 8-episode Korean BL webdrama that premiered on December 23, 2021. It is another one of the Korean short-episode series with about 10-15 minutes per episode and this one has a time-travel plotline.


December 28, 2021

【OST 原聲帶】Boys Over Flowers 花より男子/流星花園

Boys Over Flowers 花より男子 (or はなよりだんご Hana Yori Dango) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Kamio Yōko 神尾葉子 which was serialised from 1992 until 2004. The second season of the manga series, Sunshine After Flowers – Flower Boys Next Season 花のち晴れ〜花男 Next Season〜, was serialised from 2015 until 2019. There have been many adaptations of the original manga series into films and TV series over the years especially the 2001 TV series from Taiwan which became internationally known. The Taiwanese series became so popular that it is now regarded as the originator of “Idol Drama” in Taiwan and also the Chinese entertainment industry. Subsequently other TV and film adaptations were made by Japan (2005, 2007 & 2008), South Korea (2009), China (2018) and most recently Thailand (2021). There were also three unlicensed TV series adaptation from China (2009), India (2014) and Indonesia (2017). However even before 2001, there were a film (1995) and anime (1996, 1997) adaptations from Japan. In 2018, Japan also adapted the second season of the manga into a TV series. In this post, I’m going to do a list of as much of the OST I could find from all of these adaptations…

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