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January 30, 2022

In Your Heart 在你心之所向的地方 (Chinese Series OST)

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In Your Heart 在你心之所向的地方 is a new 8-episode Chinese BL series that will première on February 11, 2022. If you have heard or watched the low-budget Chinese BL series from 2020, Capture Lover 冰糖陷阱, you would not be surprised that this new series is from the same production company. Therefore China does make proper BL series, but only for international audience by streaming them through Taiwanese and international streaming platforms, GagaOOLala and ViKi. Hence their social media posts are sometimes written in Traditional Chinese font which is the official font used in Taiwan… However looking at the various streaming platforms this time around for this new series, WeTV is no longer one of the streaming platforms as it is the international branch of the big Chinese streaming platform Tencent, instead Taiwanese streaming platform, KKTV, is now one of the streaming platforms. So make of it what you will knowing the sad state of anything BL-related stuff in China currently.


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