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November 14, 2021

WBL Boys’ Vacation 微波爐男孩的假期 (Taiwanese Reality TV OST)

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WBL Boys’ Vacation is an 8-episode reality TV show featuring the 6 actors from the two seasons of the WBL TV series from earlier this year. It premiered on November 12, 2021 and will continue airing new episode every Friday night. Very interesting with the play on words with the WBL name in Chinese 微波爐 which means microwave oven, so in Chinese the title translated as Microwave Oven Boys’ Vacation, LOL… Well, it is because the pinyin of 微波爐 is wei bo lu which abbreviated as wbl, very clever, LOL… It also has the connotation that they are the generation who only know how to use microwave oven and don’t know how to cook, and now they have to go camping without any microwave oven! Anyway the audio theme song has just been released and it is performed by the 6 actors. The official MV of the song will premiere on November 19, 2021.

Be My Lover

Below is the official trailer of the reality show…

Update November 19, 2021: The official MV of the theme song is here…

Update November 30, 2021: Another OST song premiering tomorrow morning at zero hour…

WB Love 微波LOVE – Sawyer 邵羽 & Belle 辛樂兒

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