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November 13, 2021

My Beautiful Man 美しい彼 (Japanese Series OST)

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My Beautiful Man 美しい彼 (Utsukushii Kare 美麗的他) is a new 10-episode (Update December 24, 2021: Just watched episode 6 and it was the final episode! Oh well, never mind, the next Japanese BL-ish series is not too far away, Kei x Yaku will premiere on January 13, 2022…) Japanese BL series that will premiere on November 18, 2021. The series is adapted from the BL novel series of the same name by Nagira Yuu 凪良ゆう. Three volumes of the novel series have been published so far, and the first volume published in 2014 won first place in the Best Novel category at the 6th Chill-Chill BL Awards in 2015.

The preview of the opening and closing credits songs have been released, about 30 seconds each. I’ll add the official MVs here if and when they are available…

Caramel カラメル (opening song preview) – Mosawo もさを。

Follow (closing song preview) – Rosu ロス

Update November 21, 2021: Opening song, Caramel カラメル, 30 seconds opening sequence preview… MV will premiere tomorrow, November 22, 2021!

MV for the closing song, Follow, will also premiere on November 22, 2021…

Update December 6, 2021: Another MV for Caramel, this time it is the drama version…

Caramel カラメル (drama version) – Mosawo もさを。

Update December 20, 2021: Drama version MV of the closing theme song…

Follow (drama version) – Rosu ロス

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