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November 3, 2021

Breaking Through the Clouds (Audio Drama OST) 廣播劇《破雲》主題曲

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Currently reading this BL webnovel, Poyun 破雲 written by Huai Shang 淮上, first uploaded online starting in December 2017 and the main story completed in July 2018, then 6 more extra epilogue chapters completed in September 2018. The novel has been translated into English as Breaking Through the Clouds. It is a crime investigation story involving illegal drugs and murders. I’m about 30-something chapters in at the moment and it is a very plot driven story. If you like Modu 默讀 by Priest, you are going to love this too. Whereas Modu is quite heavy reading, Poyun has quite a lot of humour, especially between the two protagonists, to break the heaviness of the main plot.


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