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December 2, 2022

Random Ramblings on BL Novels – S.C.I. Mystery Series SCI謎案集

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S.C.I. Mystery Series SCI謎案集 are a series of crime-investigation BL webnovels written by Er Ya 耳雅. This series of novels is a modern adaptation of the classic 1879 Chinese martial arts novel, The Three Heroes and Five Gallants 三俠五義, based on the oral performances by storyteller Shí Yùkūn 石玉崑. The first chapter in the first volume of the webnovels was first published online way back in 2008 and it is still an on-going novel currently up to the sixth volume. The first 5 crime cases in the novels were adapted into a 24-episode bromance TV series in 2018 and there were rumours of a second season of the TV series ever since but with the BL-related restrictions happening in the Chinese entertainment industry in the past couple of years, it seems those rumours will remain rumours after all! There was also a 12-episode online audio drama made in 2019 based on the novels.

白玉堂 Bái Yùtáng (original name in novel)
展昭 Zhǎn Zhāo (original name in novel)
公孫策 Gōngsūn Cè (original name in novel)

After spending the past couple of months enjoying the very addictive and hilarious Thai lakorn series, To Sir, With Love, I finally have time to go back to reading webnovels. As I was browsing through some of the latest BL novels online, I discovered that Volume 6 of the S.C.I. Mystery Cases is being serialized at the moment, since late October. I have read and enjoyed Volumes 1 to 4 of the serialized novel around July/August of 2020, more than 2 years ago, and at that time only about 60-something chapters of Volume 5 were available so I decided to leave it until that volume was completed before I picked up with the novel again. Incidentally Volume 5 was started in 2014 and was only completed in late September this year! And Volume 6 started straight away in late October so it was a pleasant surprise when I found out. Now as I was starting to pick up with the story in Volume 5 this week, I suddenly found myself a bit disoriented with the plotlines, I have forgotten a lot of the details and relationship of characters, LOL… I was undecided if I should re-read the first 4 volumes again! Then I thought maybe I could check online and see if I could re-familiarise myself with the things and minor characters that I’ve forgotten to save me time from reading the 4 early volumes again… Glad I did as I found out most of the information I’ve forgotten and I also decided to organise the information and post it here so I could refer to them as I continue to read Volume 5 which ends up with a total of 233 chapters!

The BL couples…

白玉堂 Bai Yutang × 展昭 Zhan Zhao
白錦堂 Bai Jintang × 公孫策 Gongsun Ce
趙禎 Zhao Zhen × 白馳 Bai Chi
白燁 Bai Ye × 趙爵 Zhao Jue
秦鷗 Qin Ou × 楊帆 Yang Fan

The BG couples…

馬漢 Ma Han × 陳佳怡 Chen Jiayi
趙虎 Zhao Hu × 齊樂 Qi Le
洛天 Luo Tian × 馬欣 Ma Xin
藍西 Lan Xi × 陳瑜 Chen Yu
藍棋 Lan Qi × 郝靈 Hao Ling

The S.C.I. (Special Crime Investigation) team was established by the Criminal Police Headquarters at the suggestion of the Chief of Police. It is a task force specializing in the investigation of extremely serious cases.

The list of S.C.I. members is as follows:
白玉堂 Bái Yùtáng: Team Leader (chief)
Born: September 27, 1980 (one hour younger than Zhǎn Zhāo)
Retired from the Air Force, proficient in fighting, rich in criminal investigation experience, born into a family of criminal police.
展昭 Zhǎn Zhāo: Team Leader (deputy)
Born: September 26, 1980
Doctor of Psychology, an authority on criminal profiling, with a high IQ.

Team members (field personnel):
馬漢 Mǎ Hàn: Criminal Police (sniper)
趙虎 Zhào Hǔ: Criminal Police (with five years of undercover experience)
張龍 Zhāng Lóng: Criminal Police (from Bái Yùtáng’s former department)
王朝 Wáng Cháo: Criminal Police (from Bái Yùtáng’s former department)
徐慶 Xú Qìng (a.k.a. 老三): Criminal Police (former military mechanic) – Bomb Disposal Unit, forgotten member of S.C.I. as he rarely appeared…
白馳 Bái Chí: Criminal Police (Bái Yùtáng’s younger cousin, a genius with super high IQ & photographic memory), joined later
洛天 Luò Tiān: Criminal Police (with special abilities – cyborg?), joined later
秦鷗 Qín Ōu: Criminal Police (bomb disposal expert, former chief of the fire brigade), joined later

Team members (office personnel):
公孫策 Gōngsūn Cè: Forensic Pathologist (Doctor of Anthropology)
馬欣 Mǎ Xīn: Forensic Pathologist (Mǎ Hàn’s younger sister, Gōngsūn’s student, going out with Luò Tiān), joined later
蔣平 Jiǎng Píng: Computer Expert (one of the best hackers in the country)

Others (non-police personnel):
盧方 Lú Fāng: Media Contact (Police Spokesperson)
韓彰 Hán Zhāng: Intelligence Officer (relevant information is kept confidential)






Family members (their shared mansion introduced in Vol 3 Case 10 chapter 5):
白玉堂 Bái Yùtáng, 展昭 Zhǎn Zhāo, 白馳 Bái Chí, 公孫策 Gōngsūn Cè
白錦堂 Bái Jǐntáng: Bái Yùtáng’s elder brother, who owned the mansion, had his memory erased at the age of 6, but now has a successful business abroad and at home. He has two right-hand men, Dàdīng & Xiǎodīng (also living in the shared mansion as bodyguards). He later married Gōngsūn…
趙禎 Zhào Zhēn: An internationally renowned magician. Zhào Jué’s nephew. Going out and living with Bái Chí in the mansion
Pets: 里斯本 Lisbon (white lion), 莉莉婭 Lilia (Persian cat), 魯班 Luban (ragdoll cat), a baby white lion & 3 kittens + a 龍貓 chinchilla belonging to Gongsun

The five members of the older generation with mysterious past:
包拯 Bāo Zhěng: Chief of Police
趙爵 Zhào Jué: A mysterious man with a high level of attainment in psychology who likes to tease and agitate Zhǎn Zhāo, but he also watches over Zhǎn Zhāo, and helps him. (The two of them bickering like two 5-year-olds and similar weird taste in food are always fun to read…) Adopted an orphaned boy 方行 Fāng Xíng.
展啟天 Zhǎn Qǐtiān: A Judge, Zhǎn Zhāo’s father
白允文 Bái Yǔnwén: Bái Yùtáng’s father now in the military, his younger cousin 白峰 Bái Fēng is 白馳 Bái Chí’s father
白燁 Bái Yè (a.k.a. BaiBaiBai): Zhào Jué’s probation officer, may or may not be Bái Yǔnwén’s real older brother (a cyborg? clone?), looks exactly like the older version of Bái Yùtáng
維克多 Victor: A female 藏獒 Tibetan mastiff belonging to 展啟天 Zhǎn Qǐtiān and 白允文 Bái Yǔnwén, being cared for by a friend living in the countryside (introduced in Vol 2 Case 8 chapter 29 & Vol 2 Case 9 chapter 9), named after Victor Hugo

The girls, friends of Mǎ Xīn:
齊樂 Qí Lè: Once a delinquent girl in an unsigned rock band, now a rock star, going out with Zhào Hǔ
陳瑜 Chén Yú: Drummer in the rock band, a very kind and just girl, girlfriend of 藍西 Lán Xī, her older brother is 陳宓 Chén Mì, her distant cousin is 陳小飛 Chén Xiǎofēi (their grandfathers were brothers)
陳佳怡 Chén Jiāyí: Famous actress, going out with Mǎ Hàn (the author also sometimes erroneously wrote her name as 陳嘉怡 in some chapters)

倫納德 Leonardo: Mafia boss, friend, business partner and later “sworn” brother of Bái Jǐntáng in Italy (see Vol 1 case 5 chapter 21)
尤金 Eugene: Leonardo’s bodyguard & confidant, always worn floral/Hawaiian shirts, hence has a nickname 花菜 (flower vegetable, also name for broccoli in Chinese), a humorous slang meaning floral idiot as calling someone 菜 (vegetable) is calling someone useless or stupid or has no knowledge in a certain field (originated from the term 菜鳥 vegetable bird, meaning newbie or rookie), also often used as a self-deprecating term
大丁、小丁 Dàdīng & Xiǎodīng (full names 丁兆蘭、丁兆惠): Twin brothers, Bái Jǐntáng’s loyal assistants and bodyguards, friends with Bái Jǐntáng since teenagers
洛陽 Luò Yáng (a.k.a. 陽陽): Luò Tiān’s young son
Eleven: Assassin, Mǎ Hàn’s sniper mentor
楊帆 Yáng Fān: Doctor, Qín Ōu’s life partner
秦易 Qín Yì (a.k.a. 小易): Qín Ōu’s young son
陳宓 Chén Mì: Bomb disposal expert, has a crush on Qín Ōu, but in turn has an admirer, 徐列 Xú Liè, has a Hungarian sheepdog 墩布 Dūnbù (mop), older brother of 陳瑜 Chén Yú
徐列 Xú Liè: Actor, in love with Chén Mì
藍西 Lán Xī: Weapon expert, going out with 陳瑜 Chén Yú
藍棋 Lán Qí: Adventurer, later married 郝靈 Hǎo Líng, older brother of 藍西 Lán Xī
郝靈 Hǎo Líng: Doctor, colleague of Yáng Fān
林若 Lín Ruò (original name 林承繼 Lín Chéngjì): son of shipping magnate 林謙賜 Lín Qiāncì, friend with Bái Jǐntáng
蔣楠 Jiǎng Nán: Actress, going out with 包拯 Bāo Zhěng later
楊法醫 Forensic Doctor Yáng (a.k.a. 老楊): elderly forensic pathologist attached to the police
王夏天 Wáng Xiàtiān: forensic intern of Doctor Yáng but also helps Gōngsūn in SCI lab when required
文東天 Wén Dōngtiān: friend of 王夏天 Wáng Xiàtiān
陳寅 Chén Yín: Vet, zoologist, old friend of Gōngsūn
趙勤 Zhào Qín: student and assistant of 陳寅 Chén Yín

艾虎 Ài Hǔ: Criminal police captain (not S.C.I.)
肖飛 Xiào Fēi: SWAT commander
王霸 Wáng Bà: Bomb Disposal Unit Commander (his name explained in Vol 3 Case 13 chapter 9)
費牧 Fèi Mù: Head of Economic Crime Department, has a pet dog, an Old English Sheepdog called 麼麼噠 Memedá (Mwah), neighbour of 蔣平 Jiǎng Píng
周明 Zhōu Míng: Art Crime Division of Economic Crime Department, childhood friend of Gōngsūn

徐凱 Xú Kǎi: Commander of Riot Squad

Eleven, Zero, Third
大提琴Виолончель Cello, 紫色Violin (siblings)
伊賽爾 Issel or Isaiah?
白禮•楊 Bailey Young
梅麗莎 Melissa
黑手套家族 Black Glove Family

The following are the dates when the first chapter was uploaded for each of the volumes:
2008-09-26 Volume 1 – Cases 1-5
2009-05-09 Volume 2 – Cases 6-9
2010-01-17 Volume 3 – Cases 10-13
2011-10-06 Volume 4 – Cases 14-17
2014-04-27 Volume 5 – Cases 18-24 (completed 2022-09-28)
2022-10-23 Volume 6 – Cases 25-? (ongoing)

English Translated Version

Audio Drama Theme Song

The followings are more characters being introduced in Volume 5 that could be recurring in future plotlines… (will be updated)

卡琳 Karine (or Carillon, wind chime in French): Adopted daughter of Zhào Jué
米婭 Mia: Adopted daughter of Karine, 15-year-old 10th generation cyborg
伊賽爾 Issel: Assassin, human radar, Mia’s paternal father

“Monsters” house/mansion (shared household including Zhào Jué’s working studio/library of cold cases):
趙爵 Zhào Jué
白燁 Bái Yè
筷子 Eleven
伊賽爾 Issel (also Mia when her mother is out of the country)
Pets: 2 turtles, a pond of koi, 3 lop rabbits and a kennel of adopted dogs
安娜 Anna (董元 Dǒng Yuán’s widow) & her young son 天天 also moved in later

張禹 Zhāng Yǔ: medium
陳鋒 Chén Fēng: Crystal psychic/clairvoyant, police informer, has a cat called 芝麻糊 Zhīmahú
涼小魚 Liáng Xiǎoyú: Together with her 3 older brothers (涼小今, 涼小天, 涼小有), they have a recovery business finding lost properties for clients
侯穎琪 Hóu Yǐngqí: podcaster of mysterious/ghost cases (also erroneously written as 黃穎琦 Huáng Yǐngqí in some parts), invited to stay at 趙爵 Zhào Jué’s house
施燭 Shī Zhú (a.k.a. 大盜S): 20yo hacker, childhood friend of 涼小魚 Liáng Xiǎoyú, has an older brother (working overseas) who’s friend with the 3 Liáng brothers
伊蓮娜 Elena: Stage actress, older sister of 伊賽爾 Issel

If anyone is trying to mtl the novel, let me just give you a warning, there are a LOT of typos in the raw! For example one of the common typos is 電話響了 (the phone rang) which was typed as 電話想了 (the phone thought)!!! Another common typo was 接過 (to receive) typed as 結果 (as a result)… So you can imagine by mtling, how confusing the sentences were going to be and making no sense at all!!!


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