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December 2, 2022

Random Ramblings on BL Novels – S.C.I. Mystery Series SCI謎案集

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S.C.I. Mystery Series SCI謎案集 are a series of crime-investigation BL webnovels written by Er Ya 耳雅. This series of novels is a modern adaptation of the classic 1879 Chinese martial arts novel, The Three Heroes and Five Gallants 三俠五義, based on the oral performances by storyteller Shí Yùkūn 石玉崑. The first chapter in the first volume of the webnovels was first published online way back in 2008 and it is still an on-going novel currently up to the sixth volume. The first 5 crime cases in the novels were adapted into a 24-episode bromance TV series in 2018 and there were rumours of a second season of the TV series ever since but with the BL-related restrictions happening in the Chinese entertainment industry in the past couple of years, it seems those rumours will remain rumours after all! There was also a 12-episode online audio drama made in 2019 based on the novels.

白玉堂 Bái Yùtáng (original name in novel)
展昭 Zhǎn Zhāo (original name in novel)
公孫策 Gōngsūn Cè (original name in novel)

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