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March 20, 2023

The Glory 더 글로리 (Korean Series OST)

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The Glory 더 글로리 is a new 16-episode Korean drama series that was first released on December 30, 2022 with the first 8 episodes (season 1 part 1), then the next instalment of the subsequent 8 episodes (season 1 part 2) were released on March 10, 2023.

I’ve heard a lot about the series recently and decided to watch it. And I ended up binge-watching the whole series over the weekend and it was really good, a very intriguing drama and the plotlines moved along nicely without any dull moment that I couldn’t stop watching, NEEDING to find out what happened next! Although I did find some of the early scenes in the first couple of episodes were very over the top and difficult to watch especially with the bullying and I nearly dropped it because it is a bit unbelievable that not one single person helped her with all those burnt marks on her body but I supposed that is the premise and the early plotlines were to set the scenes for the revenge later. However if you can get over that and persevere, the later episodes focusing on the revenge were very satisfactory and addictive to watch.

There are a lot of songs from the OST, and for the moment I will just link the first 5 songs from Part 1 and add more songs from Part 2 later as I have to find the link to them and it will take a bit of time…

Long Black Night 긴긴밤 – Kim Ye-Ji 김예지

Until The End – Kelley McRae

The Whisper Of Forest – SURAN 수란

You Remember 너는 기억한다 – Paul Kim 폴킴

A Dazzling Season 눈부신 계절 – Yangpa 양파


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