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July 15, 2021

You Who Love 105°C 熱愛105°C的你 – A Si 阿肆

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This is a song that has become very popular recently, but was originally released as a advertisement jingle in 2019. It was a jingle for Watsons Water 屈臣氏蒸餾水 which employs 105°C high pressure distillation for their bottled water, hence the temperature of 105°C in the song. Well, so what makes it suddenly become so popular right now?


March 26, 2021

【Triple Play】Light 光 EP 《光》《轉身》《上海的雨》 – Zhang Zhehan 張哲瀚

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“Ah Xu, Ah Xu, Ah Xu….” Does that name sound familiar? Well, if you have been watching the TV series, Word of Honor, you will know that name for sure! Zhang Zhehan who played that character in the TV series has shot to fame from a little known actor to one of the hottest property in Chinese entertainment industry, together with Simon Gong, in just a short few weeks. He has just released a new single, 心若向陽, a couple of days ago. Then yesterday, an old MV of his from 2019 was re-uploaded onto YoYoRock music channel due to his sudden popularity. Light 光 was his first EP released in August, 2019 consisting of three songs and he wrote the lyrics to all three songs. I have never heard those songs before, so I listened to Light first, then searched the other 2 songs, listened to them, and I have to say, loved all 3 songs! So here they are, sharing the love with all of you…


February 26, 2021

Word Of Honor (TV OST Songs) 電視劇《山河令》主題曲片尾曲插曲

2021 has been dubbed as the year of 耽改101, translated literally as “BL Adaptation 101”, in China due to a larger number than previous years of Chinese bromance TV series adapted from BL novels. The first-cab-off-the-rank Chinese BL adapted TV series for the year went online very unexpectedly without much ado on February 22, 2021. The trailer of the 36-episode webdrama, Word of Honor 山河令, premiered that afternoon with the announcement that the series would premiere that evening at 1800 hour online!

Click here for Full Episode Playlist with English Subtitles


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