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December 19, 2021

Antidote 解藥 (Novel & Drama OST)

Yesterday I was browsing through Jinjiang Literature City looking for a new online novel to read for the holiday season, and also looking at the Top 200 BL novels on that site for new popular novels. Alas, I was quite dismayed to find that two of the top 3 novels I checked last time in August have disappeared from the list. I quickly did a search and realized that the two novels have been banned in China since just a couple of months ago, WHAT?! That means we can no longer read them on the official site. One of the novels was one of my favourite BL novels, Saye 撒野!


September 29, 2021

Unbridled (Audio Drama “Xiao Zhang” OST) 廣播劇《囂張》主題曲

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Xiao Zhang 囂張 is another BL novel written in 2019 by Wuzhe 巫哲, of Saye 撒野 fame. Xiao Zhang 囂張 means arrogant, but the English translated novel is titled Unbridled. This is another heart warming BL novel that I also loved. I first read the novel at the end of last year after I had read Saye, but at the time there was no audio drama yet, only a fanfic song for the novel that was released in early 2020 called Running Towards 奔向. The first season of the audio drama was first podcast starting in early May this year, and so we’ve now got the theme song for the novel, this may prompts me to read the novel again, hehe… Also if you haven’t read the novel and are wondering about the drone as featured in the MV, it is a major part of the story.


July 12, 2021

【Wrap 殺青】Chasing the Light (Saye) 左肩有你《撒野》

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The long awaited bromance TV series, Chasing the Light 左肩有你, adapted from the BL novel, Saye 撒野, has wrapped up shooting yesterday according to sources online! So now it is into post production stage and hopefully it will air in the last quarter of the year as predicted! I can’t wait…


April 22, 2021

Random Ramblings on BL Novels – Zhang Qingkai & Xia Fei 張青凱×夏飛

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Before I begin on this post, just let me warn you that this is a spoiler post for a BL novel by Wuzhe 巫哲 called 竹木狼馬 (Zhú Mù Láng Mǎ). So stop reading now if you are planning to read this novel in the future and you prefer not to know anything about it at the moment… I’m writing this post mainly to leave a video here for myself!

— Spoiler Post Below —


April 13, 2021

Bump It Again If You Have The Guts (Audio Drama Songs) 廣播劇《有種你再撞一下》主題曲

I’ve just started reading this BL novel yesterday, and I’m already hooked and can’t put it down! I know it has a weird name (my own direct title translation into English as I can’t seem to find any English translated novel for this one) but it makes sense after you’ve read the first few chapters… The novel is written by Wuzhe 巫哲, who also wrote the excellent Saye 撒野. This story is quite light-hearted and humorous with a bit of mysterious (maybe quite sad) background for the MC and a happy-go-lucky ML, just what I needed after just finishing the epic The Return of Cambrian Period 寒武再臨 over the weekend… The ML likes to sing, especially when showering, so even as I’m just about 20-something chapters in, he has already sang quite a few songs, and it was quite fun trying to figure out what songs he was singing as we only got bits and pieces of the lyrics, LOL…


January 24, 2021

A Lucky Coin (Audio Drama Theme Song) 廣播劇《一個鋼鏰兒》主題曲

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Having spent the last couple of months reading the 188 BL series with a bastard protagonist in each novel, I’m now a bit not used to reading two young, but kind-hearted protagonists with hard and quite sad lives… I have just started on the first few chapters and already felt very attached to the two protagonists! If you love Saye 撒野, I think you will like this BL novel too, with very similar beginning, but not surprisingly both these novels are written by the same novelist, Wuzhe 巫哲. A Lucky Coin is the story of an unschooled, tall 17-year-old who lives a gypsy life of travelling all over the country with his father who has a mysterious job, and both have just arrived to a new city. He met, rescued and befriended a small and quiet, stuttering 14-year-old (? the novel just stated that he is in the second year of high school) who was being bullied by his classmates… I read the synopsis and apparently, there will be mysteries (my type of story, hahaha…) surrounding the disappearance of both their fathers, and they will separate and meet again later… As usual, now that I know there are audio dramas of Chinese BL novels, I’m now needing theme song to listen to while reading the novel, so here it is, the theme song from the audio drama of A Lucky Coin


September 9, 2020

Similar to Light (Radio Play “Misfit” Theme Song) 似光(廣播劇《格格不入》主題曲) – Vic Wei 魏瀟逸

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   Cheng Boyan pulled open the car door and threw the bag into the car. He then habitually walked around the car to take a look. He’d just turned round the front of the car and suddenly saw a hand beside the rear wheel of the car by the wall.
   He was taken aback, and when he retreated subconsciously, he almost back into the car next to him.
   “Who is there?” Cheng Boyan asked after he had calmed down.
   The hand did not move, and no one answered him.
   Cheng Boyan hesitated for two seconds and walked over.


September 4, 2020

Catharsis (Radio Play “Saye” Theme Song) 廣播劇《撒野》主題曲

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