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October 22, 2021

Panguan (Audio Drama Songs) 廣播劇《判官》主題曲

Panguan 判官, or can be translated into English as The Magistrate of the Underworld, is a very new BL novel by Mu Su Li 木蘇里 which was first published online starting from April 27, 2020, and concluded at December 28, 2020.

It is another tug-at-your-heartstrings novel but with transmigration theme at its core, so I have a feeling it is going to be a hundred-and-thousand-year-old love story, LOL… I’ve just started reading the novel a couple of days ago and the early chapters with the grandpa arc was already very emotional which I did not expect… Because it is about re-incarnation, the first few chapters can be a bit of a fog to read, but they will become clear very quickly.

There is now an audio drama podcast of the novel starting with the first season currently and two songs have been released. As with my habit now, I’m reading the novel while listening to the songs…


August 26, 2021

A Certain Someone (Audio Drama Songs) 廣播劇《某某》主題曲

A Certain Someone or Mou Mou 某某 is a BL novel written by Mù Sū Lǐ 木蘇里. It is a high school campus story involving 2 straight-A students, and almost step-brothers. If you like BL novels like Saye 撒野, or Bloom of Youth 輕狂 by Wū Zhé 巫哲, I think you will enjoy this novel too. There are now 2 seasons (season 1 in 2020 & season 2 in 2021) of audio drama based on this novel and below are a few songs from the audio drama…


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