Corner Café

August 5, 2021

Light (Taiwanese Short Film OST) 網絡短片《小光》主題曲

Light 小光 is a new LGBTQ short film from director Adiamond Lee 鑽石 who has directed other notable BL series such as Dark Blue and Moonlight 深藍與月光, HIStory: Obsessed 著魔, and Jump the Boy! 撲倒吧!男孩. It is also the fifth of the 10-film GagaOOLala LGBTQ series that will premiere on August 13, 2021. The 44-minute short film revolves around the story of an undercover cop and a male prostitute. The theme song is a duet sung by Afalian Lufic 盧學叡 and Derek Lin 林重鹹…

Afalian is from the Amis group 阿美族, an indigenous Austronesian ethnic community in Taiwan. He became prominent in 2007 after he took fourth place in the first season of the singing competition, One Million Star 超級星光大道. In 2019, he also released a LGBT song, Who Am I 我是誰. The other singer, Derek, is a Taiwanese YouTuber.


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