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December 26, 2022

Someday or One Day 《想見你》電影版 (Taiwanese Movie OST)

Someday or One Day 想見你 is the upcoming movie sequel to the blockbuster television series of the same name from 2019. It will be released in Taiwan on December 30, 2022. There are 3 new songs + 3 old songs from the TV series to be included in the movie OST…


December 10, 2021

Most Streamed Mandopop Songs of 2021

Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube have released the most streamed songs for 2021 in Taiwan. Here they are…


November 3, 2021

Breaking Through the Clouds (Audio Drama OST) 廣播劇《破雲》主題曲

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Currently reading this BL webnovel, Poyun 破雲 written by Huai Shang 淮上, first uploaded online starting in December 2017 and the main story completed in July 2018, then 6 more extra epilogue chapters completed in September 2018. The novel has been translated into English as Breaking Through the Clouds. It is a crime investigation story involving illegal drugs and murders. I’m about 30-something chapters in at the moment and it is a very plot driven story. If you like Modu 默讀 by Priest, you are going to love this too. Whereas Modu is quite heavy reading, Poyun has quite a lot of humour, especially between the two protagonists, to break the heaviness of the main plot.


December 18, 2020

Most Streamed Mandopop Songs of 2020

Spotify has announced the Top 5 most streamed Mandopop Songs of 2020 around the world just a couple of weeks ago. Here they are…


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