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March 20, 2020

【廚娘香Q秀】Quick Chicken Rice 薑蓉雞絲香飯

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Haha, shouldn’t have watched this before breakfast this morning, made me so hungry…


March 15, 2020


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This is the first time I have seen something like this, a very innovative and interesting way of creating patterns on a Swiss roll. So I’m keeping the link to the video here for references so I don’t have to look for it in the future…


March 14, 2020

【廚娘香Q秀】Tangzhong Spring-Onion Buns 湯種蔥花麵包

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Found this video from 2013 of Tangzhong (water-roux) bread making demonstration by the Taiwanese pastry chef, 陳郁芬, who wrote the cookbook, 65°C湯種麵包 (65°C Tangzhong Breads).


March 6, 2020

【型男大主廚】Strawberry Mille-Crêpe Roll 夢幻草莓千層卷

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Saw this video of a Japanese pastry chef, Masahiro Orita, making mille crêpe roll in 8 minutes! I think due to time constraint, he only made 2 crêpes, but at home if you want to make it, you can increase it to at least 5-6 crêpes per roll to really make it look like thousand-layer…


February 25, 2020

【用點心做點心】Spring-Onion Pastries 蟹殼黃

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This is a traditional Northern Chinese pastry with stuffed spring onions and lard, known as Golden Crab-Shell in Chinese due to its crabshell-like outer layer of the pastry after baking even though there’s no crab meat filling whatsoever! There are a number of different fillings for this pastry including sweet fillings. Rice does not grow in northern China, therefore wheat is one of the grains they can grow which is processed into flour to make noodles and pastries for dumplings, baos, etc. You will also notice that this pastry is very similar to the Black Pepper Pork Pastries which would have been originally evolved from this spring-onion pastry over the years.


February 22, 2020

【用點心做點心】Japanese Cream Roll 生乳捲

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The Japanese Cream Roll (生乳捲) or Hokkaido Cream Roll has been very popular in Asian countries for the past decade. The Hokkaido cream is reputed to be very fragrant and supposedly been pasteurized at low temperature, but it is very hard to buy outside of Japan, so just use whatever good pure cream you can get your hand on for the cream filling. I have made Cotton Sponge Roll which is very similar using the 60°C roux method. I am linking this video basically to show how to roll the chiffon roll (at about 18:50 minutes mark), this method only works with chiffon cake rolls, as they have higher moisture content, it will not work with the western-style Swiss rolls which are dryer in texture. However this video has very loud background music which is very annoying, LOL, so turn down the volume on your player…


February 17, 2020

【用點心做點心】Black Pepper Pork Pastries 胡椒餅

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Taiwanese snack video from Formosa TV Entertainments‘ (民視綜藝娛樂) TV show called 用點心做點心 (translated as “Use Your Heart, Make A Snack”). From today, I will occasionally link cooking demonstration videos from Taiwan, especially Taiwanese snacks, here, and maybe I will translate the recipes into English when I have time. First off, this is a savoury Taiwanese Baked Black Pepper Pastries (胡椒餅) recipe.


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