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February 19, 2023

The Cook Up with Adam Liaw 4 (2023)

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Season 4 of The Cook Up with Adam Liaw will begin weeknights at 7pm from February 20, 2023 on SBS Food.

February 20, 2023 – February 24, 2023
Episode 1 | Tastes Like Home
Salt and pepper pork and lettuce (Adam Liaw)
Cereal butter prawns (Rosheen Kaul)
Barramundi in banana leaf with coconut rice (Craig Quartermaine)

Episode 2 | Quick Wok Cooking
Smoked duck and asparagus (Adam Liaw)
Sichuan chicken and peanuts (Elizabeth Chong)
Chicken, choko and black fungus stir-fry (Jennifer Wong)

How to seal and maintain a wok

Episode 3 | Mangoes
Adam’s mango pancakes (Adam Liaw)
Mango sambal with grilled prawns (Danielle Alvarez)
Roasted mango with whipped coconut (O Tama Carey)

Episode 4 | Limes
Prawn and mushroom tom yum (Adam Liaw)
Caramelised peanut nahm jim with scallops (Martin Boetz)
California dreaming salad with barramundi (Toni Pearen)

Episode 5 | Weekend Feasts
Focaccia tomato burrata (Adam Liaw)
Rustic roast potato salad (Bjorn Stewart)
Two meal mussels (Ben Shewry)

February 27, 2023 – March 3, 2023
Episode 6 | Family Favourites
Barbecue ribs with waldorf slaw (Adam Liaw)
Grilled baby octopus (Billy Hannigan)
Braised Cantonese chicken with mushrooms and lily flowers (Mabel Li)

Episode 7 | Perennial Pastas
Green egg spaghetti (Adam Liaw)
Fresh tomato and marjoram summer linguine (Julia Busuttil-Nishimura)
Orecchiette with prawns and herbs (Gabriel Gaté)

Episode 8 | Better Bowls
Mushrooms, mince and tofu donburi (Adam Liaw)
Bibimbap (Heather Jeong)
Longsilog with salted egg and tomato (David Novak)

Episode 9 | In the Middle
Flank steak with quick red wine gravy (Adam Liaw)
Freezer fish tacos (Zan Rowe)
One-pan baked chorizo, halloumi and tomato (Colin Fassnidge)

Episode 10 | Fish
Hong Kong salmon and greens (Adam Liaw)
Murray cod pan roasted and pil pil sauce (Josh Raine)
Buttermilk fried Nashville hot fish (Reuben Styles)

March 6, 2023 – March 10, 2023
Episode 11 | Proof Is In The Pudding
Summer fruit pudding (Adam Liaw)
Lemon delicious pudding (Pia Miranda)
Vinegar pudding (Warren Mendes)

Episode 12 | Flavour In A Flash
Burst tomato spaghetti (Adam Liaw)
Radicchio, fig and goats cheese with caramelised balsamic (Collette Dinnigan)
Sydney rock oysters with native condiments (Allen Hughes)

Episode 13 | 6 Ingredient Dinner
Butter chicken wings (Adam Liaw)
Prawn pasta (Col Pearse)
Lamb cutlets and Greek salad (Joel Young)

Episode 14 | Smoking Hot
Sichuan beef mince and celery (Adam Liaw)
Burger with the lot (Harley Breen)
Flying lobster noodles (Vincent Yeow Lim)

Episode 15 | Cooking With Colour
Lasagne alla norma (Adam Liaw)
Heirloom tomato, pickled fennel and salted ricotta salad (Dani Valent)
Fesenjun (walnut and pomegranate chicken stew) (Hamed Allahyari)

March 13, 2023 – March 17, 2023
Episode 16 | Fast Family Food
Tomato sauce chicken (Adam Liaw)
Strawberry salad with chicken (Emma Beckett)
Yiayia’s zucchini and feta fritters (Phil Vakos)

Episode 17 | DIY Curry Pastes
Curry kapitan (Adam Liaw)
Green masala clams (Christine Manfield)
Pea stuffed eggplants (Helly Raichura)

Episode 18 | Hunted and Gathered
Beer-battered mushrooms (Adam Liaw)
Grilled quail with green lentils (Ross O’Meara)
Sicilian stuffed sardines (Sarde a beccafico) (Sofia Levin)

Episode 19 | Off The Grill
Jerk chicken wings (Adam Liaw)
Coconut braised beef ribs with hot and sour salad (Martin Boetz)
Garlic prawn and haloumi skewers (Toni Pearen)

Episode 20 | From the Heart
Sichuan cucumber salad (Adam Liaw)
Heirloom tomato, mozzarella and basil salad with sourdough (Curly Haslam-Coates)
Spam musubi bowl (Toni Rands)

March 20, 2023 – March 24, 2023
Episode 21 | Honey
Honey toast (Adam Liaw)
Honey bourbon peach trifle (Nina ‘Teddie’ Huynh)
Honey and hemp seed cookies (Luke Burgess)

Episode 22 | Mix It Up with Miso
Miso pork and eggplant (Adam Liaw)
Broad bean, asparagus and soba noodle salad (Alice Zaslavsky)
Miso braised short ribs (Ivan Aristeguieta)

Episode 23 | Beans, Peas & Pulses
Chicken, cannellini bean and kale stew (Adam Liaw)
Quinoa and spring vegetables salad (Brent Savage)
Grilled beans, peas and crushed butter beans (Tom Walton)

Episode 24 | Favourite TV Dinners
Bacon and brussels sprouts pizza (Adam Liaw)
Rakott krumpli (Hungarian Potato Bake) (Mike Bennie)
Pork and fennel sausage rolls (Carol Ferrone)

Episode 25 | Curing What Ails Ya
Green salad with prosciutto (Adam Liaw)
Cured sardines with pickled veg (Luke Powell)
Salted fish fried rice (Thi Le)

March 27, 2023 – March 31, 2023
Episode 26 | Alfresco at Home
Tandoori tacos (Adam Liaw)
Chargrilled pork cutlets with bbq pineapple (Ray Capaldi)
Olive oil raspberry cake with boozy smashed raspberry cream (Janelle Bloom)

Episode 27 | Noodles
Corn miso ramen (Adam Liaw)
Creamy mushroom udon noodles (Hetty McKinnon)
Food court Singapore noodles (Zan Rowe)

Episode 28 | Marvellous Midweek
Salmagundi (Adam Liaw)
Uttapam with egg (Dani Valent)
Sweet and sour kebab (kabab torsh) (Hamed Allahyari)

Episode 29 | Hot Lunch
Egg bowl (tamago-don) (Adam Liaw)
Venison smash burger (Craig Quartermaine)
Burnt spring onion oil noodles (Rosheen Kaul, Joanna Hu)

Quick and easy jaffle recipes you need to know

Episode 30 | High E-steam
Pork spare ribs with black beans (Adam Liaw)
Steamed John Dory with cauliflower grenobloise (Billy Hannigan)
Cantonese steamed barramundi (Mabel Li)

April 3, 2023 – April 7, 2023
Episode 31 | Leafy Greens
Pak choy and braised shiitake mushroom (Adam Liaw)
Prawn pasta yay (Toni Pearen)
Silverbeet, speck and sour cream pastry tart (Martin Boetz)

Episode 32 | Recipe Remix
Fried cake and cream (Adam Liaw)
Spiced slow cooked lamb shoulder tacos (Reuben Styles)
Chargrilled tuna steak with sesame leaf dressing (Josh Raine)

Episode 33 | Moreish Marinades
Marinated vegetable skewers (Adam Liaw)
Chilli lime caramel wings (Joel Young)
Marinated steak sandwiches with charred onions (Col Pearse)

Episode 34 | Chilli & Garlic
Oil-sprinkled noodles (Adam Liaw) 油潑麵
Celeriac ‘crab’ cashew hummus (Adam Wolfers)
Tempeh with chilli, garlic wilted greens and coconut milk (Jessica Cerro (Montaigne))

Episode 35 | On the Table in 30 Minutes
Grilled swordfish curry (Adam Liaw)
Chicken pepper fry (Christine Manfield)
Paneer paratha (Helly Raichura)

April 10, 2023 – April 14, 2023
Episode 36 | Dinner In 20 Minutes
Chicken schnitzel Holstein (Adam Liaw)
Casarecce with sausage and Tuscan kale (Luke Powell)
Bitter melon omelette with snow pea tendril broth (Thi Le)

Episode 37 | Top Shelf Snacks
Chinese chicken wings (Adam Liaw)
Marinated mussels on buttered bread (Danielle Alvarez)
Roasted scallops with curry butter (O Tama Carey)

Top-shelf snacks for fancy friends (and just for you, too)

Episode 38 | Eyes on the Pies
Party pie foldovers (Adam Liaw)
Greek lamb pie with feta and hummus (Janelle Bloom)
Caramelised pear pie (Ray Capaldi)

Episode 39 | Dinner at Home
Fried silken tofu with vegetable sauce (Adam Liaw)
Chilli and broccoli spaghetti (Myf Warhurst)
Asparagus frittata (Ben Shewry)

Episode 40 | Deli Delights
Double cut roll (Adam Liaw)
Roast chicken sandwich with garlic jam and pickled cabbage (Jennifer Wong)
Sammy’s Venetian meatballs (Sammy Jakubiak)

April 17, 2023 – April 21, 2023
Episode 41 | Pickle Me This
Adam’s bun cha (Adam Liaw)
Quick kimchi with steamed pork (Heather Jeong)
Curried egg mayo and pickle sandwich (Dave Novak)

Episode 42 | Cook Book Favourites
Black forest sandwich (Adam Liaw)
My most popular chocolate cake (Gabriel Gaté)
Ricotta and orange olive oil cake (Julia Busuttil-Nishimura)

Episode 43 | Sweet Tooth
Rum and raisin fudge (Adam Liaw)
Chocolate raspberry cheesecake brownie (Curly Haslam-Coates)
Caramel popcorn (Toni Rands)

Episode 44 | Dinner Party Express
Rose spaghetti with bacon and broccoli (Adam Liaw)
Saltimbocca with grilled radicchio (Pia Miranda)
Chipotle grilled salmon tacos (Warren Mendes)

Episode 45 | Decadent Desserts
Sweet potato and palm sugar doughnuts (Adam Liaw) Kuih Keria
Castagnaccio (Dani Valent)
Persian love cake (Hamed Allahyari)

12 dishes perfect for celebrating Eid al-Fitr

April 24, 2023 – April 28, 2023
Episode 46 | Ordinary Extraordinary
Scrambled pancakes (Kaiserschmarrn) (Adam Liaw)
Taramasalata prawn spaghetti (Tom Walton)
Chocolate ganache with orange oil and spiced salt (Brent Savage)

Episode 47 | Communal Table
Mangalorean ghee chicken (Adam Liaw)
Christine’s coconut fish curry (Christine Manfield)
Prawn biryani and sweet yoghurt raita (Helly Raichura)

Episode 48 | Easy Autumn Dinners
Stir-fried salad (pancetta, kale, pumpkin) (Adam Liaw)
Grilled venison topside with cabbage salad and black beans (Ross O’Meara)
Herby pearl couscous with mushrooms and caramelised onion (Sofia Levin)

Apple crumble slice (Anneka Manning)
How to turn seized chocolate into cocoa crumble _ One-ingredient chocolate crumb (Camellia Ling Aebischer)

Episode 49 | Express Lane
BBC (Broad beans, bean curd and Chinese chutney) (Adam Liaw)
Charred gai larn and farro with soy tahini (Hetty McKinnon)
Broccolini omelette (Zan Rowe)

Episode 50 | Fast 15 Express Lane
Pork with green capsicum and bamboo shoots (Adam Liaw)
Penne with fresh Napoli sauce and prawns (Carole Ferrone)
Liptauer (Mike Bennie)

May 1, 2023 – May 5, 2023
Episode 51 | Eggplant
Adam’s eggplant curry (Adam Liaw)
Eggplant sabich salad with quick tahini dressing (Adam Wolfers)
Pasta alla norma (Montaigne)

Episode 52 | Twist On Tradition
Hayashi stroganoff (Adam Liaw)
Broome-style sweet chilli mud crab (Craig Quartermaine)
Inauthentic prawn toast (Rosheen Kaul)

Episode 53 | Simply Spuds
Exceptionally good potatoes (Adam Liaw)
Baby potato salad with smoked eel (Billy Hannigan)
Sichuan stir-fried potatoes (Mabel Li)

Episode 54 | Flavour Base
Red sauce chicken (ayam masak merah) (Adam Liaw)
Soffrito corn with seared scallops (Danielle Alvarez)
Spice-crusted Murray cod with capers and curry leaf butter (O Tama Carey)

Episode 55 | Fast, Fried and Crispy
Haute chips (Adam Liaw)
Crispy fennel wedges (Alice Zaslavsky)
Cheesy arepa balls with quick Venezuelan sour cream (natilla) (Ivan Aristeguieta)

May 8, 2023 – May 12, 2023
Episode 56 | Bring Dessert
Tres leches cake (Adam Liaw)
Date loaf with butterscotch and cream (Luke Powell)
Rhubarb tart (Thi Le)

Episode 57 | Plate Me Up
Butter-roasted chicken marylands with pumpkin and sage (Adam Liaw)
Smoked salmon and avocado parcels with minted yoghurt (Gabriel Gaté)
Swedish prawn toast (toast skagen) (Julia Busuttil-Nishimura)

Throw every kind of cob loaf party
Cob loaf party recipes

Episode 58 | Adapted Classics
Beef and cauliflower (Adam Liaw)
Bolognese risotto (Ben Shewry)
Penne with vodka sauce (Bjorn Stewart)

Episode 59 | Just Add Rice
Tomato and prawn risotto with chilli butter (Adam Liaw)
Pulled pork bowl (Harley Breen)
Egg floss fried rice (Vincent Yeow Lim)

Episode 60 | Sunday Supper
Milk-poached blue eye trevalla with parsley sauce (Adam Liaw)
Roasted chicken with truffle butter (Hugh Allen)
Zucchini risotto (Collette Dinnigan)

May 15, 2023 – May 19, 2023
Episode 61 | Wine Time
Red wine and tomato spaghetti (Adam Liaw)
Seared hare loin with butter and white wine sauce (Ross O’Meara)
Red wine chocolate cake (Sofia Levin)

Episode 62 | Boastworthy Roasts
Roast chicken marylands with ajo blanco and green grapes (Adam Liaw)
Roasted snapper with yellow bean soy ginger and shallot (Martin Boetz)
Rock and roll roast chicken (Champagne chicken) (Toni Pearen)

Episode 63 | Happiness On A Plate (food memories)
Ramen congee (Adam Liaw)
Kanzuri-braised tripe (Luke Burgess)
My mum’s prawn toasties (Nina ‘Teddie’ Huynh)

Episode 64 | All Day Breakfast
Swedish pancake cake (Adam Liaw)
Bacon and sweetcorn fritters (Colin Fassnidge)
Shakshuka (Zan Rowe, Yottam Ottolenghi)

Episode 65 | Unexpected Guests
Supreme soy sauce noodles (Adam Liaw)
Seared sirloin with fresh green salsa and kumato chilli jam (Janelle Bloom)
Fried lasagne sandwich (Ray Capaldi)

May 22, 2023 – May 26, 2023
Episode 66 | Parsley and Mint
Grilled swordfish with mint gremolata (Adam Liaw)
Mint and parsley potato salad (Emma Beckett)
Silverbeet dolmades (Phil Vakos)

Episode 67 | Simple Sausages
Sausage and capsicum casserole with parmesan polenta (Adam Liaw)
Sausage and radicchio pasta (Alice Zaslavsky)
Sausage sizzle tacos with chipotle salsa (Ivan Aristeguieta)

Episode 68 | Clever Cuts
Chipotle chicken tacos with pico de gallo (Adam Liaw)
Mint lamb ribs (Col Pearce)
Pork scotch burgers with apple slaw (Joel Young)

Episode 69 | Dynamic Dumplings
Chicken and corn dumplings (Adam Liaw)
Elizabeth Chong’s sieu mai (Elizabeth Chong)
Salsiccia potstickers (Jennifer Wong)

Episode 70 | Egg-Speriment
UFO tarts (Adam Liaw)
Truffle scrambled eggs with prosciutto on sourdough (Craig Quartermaine)
Egg sambal (Sambal telur) (Rosheen Kaul)


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