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December 25, 2022

HIStory5: Love in the Future 《HIStory5:遇見未來的你》 (Taiwanese Series OST)

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HIStory5: Love in the Future HIStory5:遇見未來的你 is the latest instalment of the Taiwanese HIStory BL series which will premiere on December 28, 2022 with 20 episodes. The audio version of the opening theme song from the OST has just been released and it is sung by the idol group Ozone who are all the rage at the moment with young fans… Three other songs have been used in teasers so I expect they are also in the OST…

Can’t Control It 想跟你就這樣靠得越來越近 (opening theme song audio version) – Ozone

Here’s the first look of the opening credits sequence…

The song below was released earlier this year and appeared in the teaser, but no MV just in audio format… Diiton 滴燙 also composed and produced the title song, Unicorn, from the new EP by Ozone which includes the opening theme song above…

你是過客就別為我停留 (audio version) – Diiton 滴燙

Two other songs by Andrew Tan played in the following teasers are waiting to be released… One of the songs could be the closing theme song…

More Than Friends (teaser) – Andrew Tan 陳勢安

連輸入法都記得你 (teaser) – Andrew Tan 陳勢安

Update December 31, 2022: Here’s the closing credits sequence with the closing theme song which is scheduled to be released on January 6, 2023…

Even the Input Method Remembers You Still Remembers 連輸入法都記得你 (closing theme song) – Andrew Tan 陳勢安

腦袋都是你 – Andrew Tan 陳勢安 (third song by Andrew for the OST)

Update January 6, 2023: Here’s the closing theme song in audio format…

Still Remembers 連輸入法都記得你 (closing theme song audio version) – Andrew Tan 陳勢安

Update January 7, 2023: Here’s the official MV of the closing theme song…

Update January 15, 2023: Here’s the official lyric MV for the song by Diiton…

If You’re Not The One 你是過客就別為我停留 – Diiton 滴燙

Update January 30, 2023: The official MV for the opening theme song…

Can’t Control It 想跟你就這樣靠得越來越近 (opening theme song) – Ozone

Update February 11, 2023: Here’s the second song released from the OST by Andrew Tan…

All About You 腦袋都是你 (audio version) – Andrew Tan 陳勢安

Update March 2, 2023: Here’s the third song from the OST by Andrew Tan… The MV will be released tonight.

More Than Friends (audio version) – Andrew Tan 陳勢安




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