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September 25, 2022

Love Between Fairy and Devil 蒼蘭訣 (Chinese Series OST)

Love Between Fairy and Devil 蒼蘭訣 is a 36-episode Chinese Xianxia drama series that premiered on August 7, 2022. It is adapted from the webnovel 魔尊 by 九鷺非香. According to reports, this drama series has swiftly become the fourth drama series on iQiyi streaming platform to receive over 10,000 points in popularity stakes calculated based on data collected from viewers’ reviews, voting, etc. The first 3 shows to receive over 10,000 popularity points on iQiyi previously were 2018’s Story of Yanxi Palace 延禧攻略, 2021’s My Heroic Husband 贅婿, & 2022’s A Lifelong Journey 人世間 from earlier this year, and currently Love Between Fairy and Devil 蒼蘭訣 is already sitting in second spot in popularity just behind My Heroic Husband 贅婿.

00:00:10 餘情 Remaining Love ——周深 Zhou Shen
00:05:22 尋一個你 Find You ——劉宇寧 Liu Yuning
00:09:50 訣愛 Love ——詹雯婷 Faye Zhan Wenting
00:13:00 我還記得那天 I Still Remember That Day ——沈以誠 Shen Yicheng
00:16:41蒼蘭契 Cang Lan Qi —— 李常超 Li Changchao
00:20:13 彼岸 The Other Side —— 井朧 & 井迪兒 Jing Long & Jing Dier
00:23:12 彼岸(吟唱版)The Other Side (chant version)
00:26:47 失憶 Memory Loss —— 虞書欣 Esther Yu
00:30:18 想和你 Want To Be With You —— 虞書欣 & 王鶴棣 Esther Yu & Wang Hedi
00:33:38 念 Thought —— 雙笙 Shuang Sheng

For the following 3 theme songs, click the song title to listen to pure song audio/lyrics version…

Parting with Love 訣愛 (opening theme song 片頭曲/燃愛主題曲) – Faye 詹雯婷

Finding You 尋一個你 (溫情主題曲) – Liu Yuning 劉宇寧

Remaining Love 餘情 (closing theme song 片尾曲) – Charlie Zhou 周深

The following are 5 of the other songs (excluding the 3 main theme songs) from the OST released by YoYoRock…

1. 虞書欣 – 失憶 (影視劇《蒼蘭訣》插曲) 00:00
2. 李常超 – 蒼蘭契 (影視劇《蒼蘭訣》插曲) 03:31
3. 井朧 & 井迪 – 彼岸 (影視劇《蒼蘭訣》插曲) 07:02
4. 雙笙 – 念 (影視劇《蒼蘭訣》插曲) 10:01
5. 沈以誠 – 我還記得那天 (影視劇《蒼蘭訣》插曲) 12:51

Individual songs playlist


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