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April 30, 2022

KinnPorsche: La Forte (Thai Series OST)

KinnPorsche The Series: La Forte is a new 14-episode Thai BL series that premiered on April 2, 2022. The series is based on the webnovel of the same name by Daemi. Outside Thailand, the series is available on the international branch of the Chinese streaming platform, iQiyi. It is very interesting as China banned all BL series but international branch of the Chinese streaming platforms such as iQiyi, Bilibili, & Tencent (WeTV) are now all very active in streaming BL series outside China! The official Chinese title 黑幫少爺愛上我 means Young Gangster Master Fell in Love with Me, LOL… By the way, La Forte version of KinnPorsche is the uncut full version of the series available on iQiyi…

Anyway two MVs of the theme song have been released from the OST…

Just Trust เพียงไว้ใจ – Slot Machine

Free Fall – Slot Machine

Update May 13, 2022: Another song from the OST…

Why Don’t You Stay? แค่เธอ – Jeff Satur

Update June 23, 2022: Two more songs from the OST…

This Song is Called You เพลงนี้ชื่อว่าเธอ – Barcode

Contradict ย้อนแย้ง – Season Five เอก

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