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March 20, 2022

The Cook Up with Adam Liaw 2 (2022)

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After just a short break of 2 months, The Cook Up with Adam Liaw is back on screen with Season 2 starting on Monday, March 21, 2022 at 7pm on SBS Food. According to SBS, Season 1 of The Cook Up was the most successful food show commissioned by SBS to date and the new season will again be another massive season with 200 episodes .

March 21, 2022 – March 25, 2022
Episode 1 | Mozzarella
Flatbread with mozzarella and capers (Adam Liaw)
Fried mozzarella sticks, smoked tomato sauce (Morgan McGlone)
Caprese salad (Julia Zemiro)

Episode 2 | Food With A Story/Once Upon A Time
Garlic chive and spring onion chijimi (Adam Liaw)
Vietnamese water spinach (rau muong) (Andy Trieu)
Charred octopus with desert lime nam jim (arti) (Nornie Bero)

Episode 3 | Family Dinner
Black vinegar pork belly and green peppers (Adam Liaw)
Pearl meatballs (Aaron Chen)
Beef Stroganoff (Julie Goodwin)

Episode 4 | 80’s Dinner Party
Seafood vol au vent (Adam Liaw)
Ultimate prawn cocktail (Justin North)
Veal Marsala (Pia Miranda)

Episode 5 | Fresh
Raw mushroom salad with capers and goat cheese (Adam Liaw)
Chargrilled eggplant, daikon, nuoc mam cham (Mark Jensen)
Rissolia (Jason Roberts)

March 28, 2022 – April 1, 2022
Episode 6 | Sustainability
Stir-fried water spinach with cured pork (Adam Liaw)
Zucchini cacciatore (Tom Walton)
Australian native smoked eel potato salad (Tim Flannery)

Episode 7 | Tomatoes
Tomato and garlic bread salad (Adam Liaw)
Perfect fresh tomato pasta (Anna Ugarte-Carral)
Roast potatoes with tomatoes and anchovies (Gen Fricker)

Episode 8 | Vice
Pork belly with green mustard (Adam Liaw)
Triple-decker chocolate peanut butter fudge (Ellie Cole)
Choc-chip cookie ice cream sandwiches (Rae Johnston)

Episode 9 | Ten-Minute Dinner
Ginger pork skewers (Adam Liaw)
Finger lime scampi salad (Jody Orcher)
Chemeen porichathu with nei choru (Kerala Muslim-style spiced fried prawns with ghee rice) (Ajoy Joshi)

Episode 10 | Canada
Maple and cinnamon beavertails (Adam Liaw)
Jerk snapper (Jesse Orleans)
Buttermilk pancakes with Canadian maple (Chris Theodosi)

April 4, 2022 – April 8, 2022
Episode 11 | Farm To Table
Whole roasted celeriac with velouté and blue cheese (Adam Liaw)
Porchetta (Colin Fassnidge)
Gnocchi with cherry tomato and Italian sausage (Marc Fennell)

Episode 12 | Five-Ingredient Dinner
Fried egg and chilli spaghetti (Adam Liaw)
Sausage hotpot (Daniel Doody)
Curry aloo fry (Jessi Singh)

Episode 13 | Five-Minute Dinner
Carbonara rice (Adam Liaw)
Three-cheese and spinach gozleme (Warren Mendes)
Kingfish sashimi with preserved lemon and harissa dressing (Phoebe Wood)

Episode 14 | France
Winter lamb shank navarin (Adam Liaw)
Duck confit (Justin North)
Boozy Crepes Suzette (Pia Miranda)

Episode 15 | Coriander
Double coriander chicken (Adam Liaw)
Shrimp cocktail (Rosa Cienfuegos)
Tuna steak in coriander and pepita pesto (Alejandro Huerta)

April 11, 2022 – April 15, 2022
Episode 16 | Bittersweet
Marmalade maritozzi (Adam Liaw)
Grandmother’s wontons (Claudia Chan Shaw)
Slow-roasted citrus duck (Simon Marnie)

Episode 17 | Finger Lickin’ Good/Southern
Chicken, bread and butter pudding (Adam Liaw)
Cauliflower hot wings (Julia Zemiro)
Ultimate fried fish sandwich (Morgan McGlone)

Episode 18 | The Great Outdoors
Green herb damper (Adam Liaw)
Rib eye on the bone with charred herb salsa (Mark LaBrooy)
Rainbow grater salad (Sarah Wilson)

Episode 19 | Shortcuts
Shiitake, garlic and spring onion noodles (Adam Liaw)
Egg and chorizo tacos (Aaron Chen)
Chicken and lemon tagine (Julie Goodwin)

Episode 20 | Toasties/Snacks
Roti John (Adam Liaw)
Gnocco fritto (Lauren Eldridge)
Brisket and classic coleslaw toastie (Kirsty Lea)

April 18, 2022 – April 22, 2022
Episode 21 | Grains
Wholegrain snapper rice (Adam Liaw)
Wild rice salad with macadamia cream and karkalla (Nornie Bero)
Seedy slice (Dean Widders)

Episode 22 | Taco Tuesday
Beef and bean taco rice (Adam Liaw)
Fish taco with roasted corn and black bean salsa (Aaron Harvie)
Kimchi, eggplant and cauliflower tacos (Kate Gibbs)

Episode 23 | Dessert
Coconut and mango millefeuille (Adam Liaw)
Easy nectarine and cream layer cake (Warren Mendes)
Peach, cardamom and vanilla pie (Phoebe Wood)

Episode 24 | Stolen Goods (Recipes Stolen From Someone Else)
Green peppercorn chicken (Adam Liaw)
Coconut dahl with gai lan and tomato sambol (Jennifer Wong)
Thai chicken salad with chilli jam (Suren Jayemanne)

Episode 25 | Favourite Ingredient
Marinated mushrooms with chilli oil (Adam Liaw)
Davidson plum kingfish sashimi (Jayde Harris)
Mango mousse (Nakkiah Lui)

April 25, 2022 – April 29, 2022
Episode 26 | Simple But Sensational
Garlic and black pepper chicken (Adam Liaw)
Puff pastry with lashings of Nutella and berries (Narelda Jacobs)
Two-ingredient chocolate cake (Bridget Foliaki-Davis)

Episode 27 | Flashback
Bakery-style apple turnovers (Adam Liaw)
No-cut whole roasted pumpkin soup (Rae Johnston)
Tokyo 2020 soba noodle bowl (Ellie Cole)

Episode 28 | Decadent Breakfast
Green egg and ham roll (Adam Liaw)
Fried chicken benedict (Jesse Orleans)
Drippy eggs (Chris Theodosi)

Episode 29 | Nourishing – Hearty But Healthy
Keihan (Chicken and shiitake rice soup) (Adam Liaw)
Crispy Brussels sprouts, hummus, chilli and mint (Tom Walton)
Lemon roast chicken with vegies (Tim Flannery)

Episode 30 | Lazy Sunday
Bloody Mary bacon and eggs (Adam Liaw)
Deep-fried egg banh mi (Virginia Gay)
Sausage soak-up (Mark Humphries)

May 2, 2022 – May 6, 2022
Episode 31 | Keep A Lid On It
Mustard and parmesan steak sandwich (Adam Liaw)
Chicken and leek pie (Simon Marnie)
Soy chicken wingettes (Claudia Chan Shaw)

Episode 32 | Waste Not Want Not
Bubble and squeak okonomiyaki (Adam Liaw)
Grilled kingfish head and wings (Mark LaBrooy)
Dreggy jar dressings (Sarah Wilson)

Episode 33 | Sweet Comfort Food
Danish butter cookie cupcakes (Adam Liaw)
Burnt Basque cheesecake (Anna Ugarte-Carral)
Apple pie porridge (Gen Fricker)

Episode 34 | Breakfast For Dinner
Scrambled eggs on black garlic bread (Adam Liaw)
Chao Ga (Vietnamese chicken congee) (Mark Jensen)
Ham and cheese toasted sandwich (Croque Madame) (Jason Roberts)

Episode 35 | Mexican
Fideo seco (Mexican spaghetti) (Adam Liaw)
Lamb barbacoa with consomé, salsa verde and tortillas (Alejandro Huerta)
Chicken tamales with green sauce (Rosa Cienfuegos)

May 9, 2022 – May 13, 2022
Episode 36 | 90’s Dinner Party
Wedges with sweet chilli and sour cream (Adam Liaw)
Quail egg and caramelised onion quiche (Virginia Gay)
Strawberry and peach syllabub (Mark Humphries)

Episode 37 | Locally Sourced
Ebichiri and ebimayo (Adam Liaw)
Homemade pizza (Dane Simpson)
Smoky trout pie and mash (Janice Petersen)

Episode 38 | Tasmania
Tasmanian oysters with wasabi stem (Adam Liaw)
Wasabi and warrigal greens pesto (Bruce Pascoe)
Steamed oysters (Jared Ingersoll)

Episode 39 | Movie Night
Kimchi and garlic butter fried rice (Adam Liaw)
Ssam-style short ribs with shallot and ginger sauce (Kate Gibbs)
Steak sandwich (Aaron Harvie)

Episode 40 | Blast From The Past
Fish skewers with yoghurt and dill (Adam Liaw)
Quandong chicken with creamy mash (Narelda Jacobs)
Cheese scones with raspberry jam (Bridget Foliaki-Davis)

Nori and sesame popcorn (Farah Celjo)

May 16, 2022 – May 20, 2022
Episode 41 | An Apple A Day
Kingfish and lime chirimushi (Adam Liaw)
Apple and beetroot salad (Mark LaBrooy)
Green apple pie smoothie bowl (Sarah Wilson)

Episode 42 | Noodles
Big plate chicken (dapanji) (Adam Liaw)
Dutch Bami (Stephanie Bendixsen)
Prawn laksa (Mike Okine)

Episode 43 | Midnight Feast
Korean cheesesteaks (Adam Liaw)
Egg pakora (Jessi Singh)
Doody’s fancy steak bruschetta (Daniel Doody)

Episode 44 | Bring A Plate
Ratatouille slice (Adam Liaw)
Mum’s potato salad (Rae Johnstone)
Darwin-style chicken (Natalie Ahmat)

Episode 45 | The Land Of Milk And Honey
Burnt honey, fennel and saffron jelly (Adam Liaw)
Honeycomb with milk ice cream (Lauren Eldridge)
Honey and cinnamon creme brûlée with milk biscotti (Kirsty Lea)

May 23, 2022 – May 27, 2022
Episode 46 | Breakfast Of Champions
Ham sandwich rarebit (Adam Liaw)
Muttai kozhambu with parothas (Chettinad-style spiced eggs with parothas) (Ajoy Joshi)
Warrigal greens and pepperberry omelette with kangaroo bush tomato bruschetta (Jody Orcher)

Episode 47 | Use It Up Spag Bol
Bolognese pizza (Adam Liaw)
Warrigal seethe with Bolognese (Bruce Pascoe)
Bolognese and risotto cakes (Jared Ingersoll)

Episode 48 | Aftershow
Midnight spaghetti (Adam Liaw)
Pan-fried gnocchi with miso butter, cherry tomatoes and baby spinach (Jennifer Wong)
Sri Lankan beetroot curry (Suren Jayemanne)

Episode 49 | Mum’s Kitchen
Winter beef and silverbeet stew (Adam Liaw)
Salt fish ‘n’ bake (Loreen Cooper)
Mary’s famous chicken schnitzels (Mary Theodosi)

Episode 50 | Five-Ingredient Lunch
Pineapple pork chops (Adam Liaw)
Lemon myrtle prawn fettucine (Kyah Lulham)
Broccolini and crab soup (Bridget Foliaki-Davis)

May 30, 2022 – June 3, 2022
Episode 51 | Peanut Butter
Peanut lamb salad (Adam Liaw)
Easy peanut butter brownies (Pia Miranda)
Chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies (Justin North)

Episode 52 | Zero Waste
Stir-fried broccoli stems with wood ear mushrooms (Adam Liaw)
Fast pork and fennel lasagne (Phoebe Wood)
Cheesy potato skin nachos (Warren Mendes)

Episode 53 | Vego Isn’t A Flavour
Dry pot cauliflower (Adam Liaw) 乾鍋菜花
Avgolemono (Egg and lemon soup) (Costa Georgiadis)
Split roast cabbage served with rice (Tom Walton)

Miso maple nuts (Farah Celjo)

Episode 54 | Musicals
“Choux Am I” Date and cinnamon choux creams (Adam Liaw)
Halloumi Dolly (Virginia Gay)
Rhubarb fool (Mark Humphries)

Episode 55 | Couch Potato
Baked potato soup (Adam Liaw)
Swordfish machaca quesadillas with salsa macha (Alejandro Huerta)
Baked enchiladas (Rosa Cienfuegos)

June 6, 2022 – June 10, 2022
Episode 56 | Pastry
Millefeuille tarte tatin (Adam Liaw)
Greens, ricotta, fennel and onion turnover (Colin Fassnidge)
Samosas (Marc Fennell)

Episode 57 | Chopsticks Or Fork
Cock-a-leekie stir-fry (Adam Liaw)
Tasty rice (Chicken claypot rice cooked in a rice cooker) (Jennifer Wong) 有味飯
Cantonese style steamed fish (Suren Jayemanne)

Episode 58 | Fave Flavour Forever
Garlic and thyme mushroom pizza (Adam Liaw)
Mack’s mud crab (Matt Okine)
Argentinian Choripan (Steph Bendixen)

Ice-cream and cinnamon bread-crumble (Farah Celjo)

Episode 59 | Root Vegetables
Sweet potato hash with bacon, eggs and dill (Adam Liaw)
Stir fried lotus root, mushrooms and ginger (Mark Jensen)
Celeriac remoulade with King prawns (Jason Roberts)

Episode 60 | Weekend Bakes
Single malt cheesecake (Adam Liaw)
Sticky lamb ribs (Lorraine Elliott)
Coffee and chocolate bundt cake (Lauren Eldridge)

June 13, 2022 – June 17, 2022
Episode 61 | Favourite Books
Turkish delight (Adam Liaw)
Steamed whole artichokes (Julia Zemiro)
Shrimp and grits (Morgan McGlone)

Episode 62 | Soup – Will It Blend?
Frozen pea soup (Adam Liaw)
Russian soup (Aaron Chen)
Corn chowder (Julie Goodwin)

Episode 63 | Modern Indian
Chai masala churros (Adam Liaw)
Paneer ke soolay (smoked paneer) (Ajoy Joshi)
Pumpkin wattleseed naan (Siddarth Kalyanarama)

Episode 64 | Pantry Dinners
Tuna tomato pasta (Adam Liaw)
Spicy tomato and lentil soup (Phoebe Wood)
Butter chickpeas (Warren Mendes)

Episode 65 | Secondary Cuts
Grilled chicken hearts with aji (Adam Liaw)
Penne with lamb ragu (Gen Fricker)
Braised beef cheek and daikon radish (Anna Ugarte-Carral)

Mushroom sauce (Farah Celjo)

June 20, 2022 – June 24, 2022
Episode 66 | Refugee: Our Own Cuisine
Hainanese chicken chop with ginger vinegar (Adam Liaw)
Eggplant curry (Krishna Vijitha)
Sohan Asali (Aliyeh Tooba)

Episode 67 | Refugee: VIP
Stir-fried chicken and mushrooms (Adam Liaw)
Laphat thoke (green tea leaf salad) (Sally Win)
Shiro wot (chickpea sauce) (Sara Taddese)

Episode 68 | Refugee: In A Nutshell
Roasted nut and caramel praline (Adam Liaw)
Qabli pilaf (Zac Zikiria)
Rosemary’s lamb shank stew (Rosemary Kariuki-Fyfe)

Episode 69 | Refugee: Curry
Red curry cauliflower (Adam Liaw)
Beetroot curry (Chandrakumari Kanapathipillai)
Cashew and green bean curry (Shanaka Fernando)

Episode 70 | Refugee: Yemen
Yemeni banana bread (masoub) (Adam Liaw)
Yemeni spiced rice (Craig Foster)
Muqalqal (Yemeni lamb stew) (Fatima Awad Ali Salim)

June 27, 2022 – July 1, 2022
Episode 71 | One Pot Wonder
Dry curry mince (Adam Liaw)
Mussels in garlic and white wine (Pia Miranda)
Slow cooked beef conical with swede and choko (Justin North)

Episode 72 | Modern Classics
Lion’s Head Meatball Bolognese (Adam Liaw)
Aaron Harvie’s kimichi bacon noodles (Aaron Harvie)
Salmon with whole lemon dressing (Kate Gibbs)

Episode 73 | Prunes
Chicken Marbella (Adam Liaw)
Creamed rice with stewed prunes (Dane Simpson)
Dark and stormy prunes and braised eggplant (Janice Petersen)

Episode 74 | Wine
Red wine baked beans (Adam Liaw)
Party dregs fromage fort (Sarah Wilson)
Lobster beurre blanc (Mark LaBrooy)

Episode 75 | Chickpeas
Falafel pancakes (Adam Liaw)
Harissa chickpeas (Dane Simpson)
Chickpea and pumpkin curry (Janice Petersen)

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