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January 28, 2022

My Ride รักนาย (Thai Series OST)

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My Ride รักนาย (Thai title is Love You) is a new Thai BL series that premiered last night, January 27, 2022. There are so many Thai BL series coming out in the early part of this year I really can’t keep track of… However this is one series that looks interesting in storyline but I’ll have to wait a bit before starting to watch it. At the moment, my watching list is already so full with Korean series Snowdrop (So GOOD, a spy thriller with a romantic plot that will keep you on the edge of your seat), Japanese series Kei × Yaku (interesting development in episode 2 with the revelation that Shiro is bisexual) & the long titled Ikemen series (comedy with depth), and finally the one Thai series that I’m actually enjoying, Paint with Love. Then also on my to-watch list is the upcoming Taiwanese series 49 Days with a Merman which is coming in early February. So most new Thai series will have to take a back seat in the next few weeks since many Thai series have proven to be quite disappointing recently…

Heart Skips a Beat หยุดหัวใจ – Three Man Down

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