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January 19, 2022

Snowdrop 설강화 雪降花 (Korean Series OST)

Snowdrop 설강화 is a controversial 16-episode South Korean series that premiered on December 18, 2021. I have not heard of this series until today when I chanced upon a fantastic English song from the OST sung by Welsh singer, Jamie Miller, who was a contestant and took third place on The Voice UK in 2017.

Wishes – Jamie Miller

I will update soon with other songs from the OST as I have to look for them…

Update January 21, 2022: Watched the first episode last night which was one and half hours long! Very intriguing spy thriller set in the 1980s… This classic from the 70s was featured in episode 1…

One Way Ticket – Eruption

Below are 3 more songs from the OST…

If You’re with Me 곁에 있어준다면 – Sung Si-Kyung 성시경

Friend – Kim Hee-Won 김희원

Looks like a Real Thing – JeHwi 제휘

Looks like a Real Thing (English version) – JeHwi 제휘

Update January 29, 2022: Oh, what an addicting series this turns out to be, really enjoying it… Here is the fifth song from the OST…

Memory is More than Love 기억이란 사랑보다 – Kevin Oh 케빈오

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