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January 12, 2022

Classic Chinese New Year Songs

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Lunar New Year 2022 is just around the corner. This year it is the Year of the Tiger and falls on February 1, 2022. Today I came across this video of 15 classic new year songs from the original artists of the 1940s and 1950s.

These classic Chinese new year songs are comparable to the classic Christmas songs of the Western world from the 1940s, 50s and 60s. We all, well at least most of those with Chinese heritage, knew these songs, but not necessarily who the original singers were or when they were first released! Nowadays we are only familiar with the rendition of these songs by the contemporary artists. I was also surprised to hear the tune of Jingle Bells incorporated into a couple of these classic version of the songs, LOL… Chinese New Year, or Lunar New Year, is also referred to as the Spring Festival which starts on Chinese new year’s eve and stretches through the first fifteen days of the new year. Hence Chinese new year songs can be either strictly songs about new year or songs about Spring. I am embedding this video here as it is well worth keeping the record of these classics for future generations…

Song List:
00:09 Spring is Here 大地回春 (circa 1947-8) – Wu Ying-Yin 吳鶯音
02:56 The Spring Breeze Kisses My Face 春風吻上我的臉 (1956) – Nancy Yao Lee 姚莉
05:40 Welcoming Spring Flowers 迎春花 (1951-2) – Chang Loo 張露 & 曉露
08:45 Springtime is Ours 春天是我們的 (1955 movie 金嗓子 OST) – Tung Pei-Pei 董佩佩 & Huang He 黃河
11:30 Merry Little New Year’s Greetings 小拜年 – Chang Ching-Cheng 張清真
14:28 Gongxi Gongxi (Happy Wishes) 恭喜恭喜 (circa 1946-7) – Nancy Yao Lee 姚莉 & Yao Min 姚敏
17:15 Bumper New Year’s Greetings 大拜年 – Bai Hong 白虹, Nancy Yao Lee 姚莉 & Yao Min 姚敏
19:56 Gongxi Facai 恭喜發財 (1957 movie 酒色財氣 OST) – Grace Chang 葛蘭
23:00 New Year’s Greetings 拜年 (1955) – Linda Lin Dai 林黛 & Yen Chun 嚴俊
26:15 Everybody Sings a New Year Song 新年歌兒大家唱 – Tse Wei 紫薇
29:58 Happy New Year 賀新年 (1964) – Mei Tai 美黛 & 藍星男聲合唱團 (original version sung by Zhang Fan 張帆 in 1948)
32:00 Wishing Everybody a Good Year 恭喜大家今年好 (1957 movie 酒色財氣 OST) – Liang Ping 梁萍
35:00 New Year’s Greetings to Wang Xiaoer 向王小二拜年 (1950) – Bai Guang 白光
37:45 Receiving the God of Wealth 接財神 – Bai Guang 白光
40:42 Celebrating a Big Fat New Year 過了一個大肥年 (1958 movie 流浪兒 OST) – Jeanette Lin Tsui 林翠

Update January 15, 2021: Hmm, what a shame, the uploader has made the video private, it seems they don’t want to share it publicly anymore… Anyway I will try to find each of the songs and link them in the list above. Also found another classic…

Spring Morning 春之晨 (1948 movie 花外流鶯 OST) – Zhou Xuan 周璇

Two more classics but these were from the second wave of classic new year songs from Taiwanese singers in the 1970s and 1980s…

財神到 – Steven Liu Wen-Cheng 劉文正

招財進寶 – Kelly Tien Niu 恬妞

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