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November 28, 2021

【Manju 漫劇】Drunk in Love 一醉經年 (The 188 Series)

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Just came across this manhua drama of Drunk in Love, or also translated as Years of Intoxication 一醉經年 (one of the 188 series), hmmm, very surprised indeed! I knew the novel has been serialised into manhua since the beginning of this year, but it looks like they have turned it into something called manju now… Manju is a new term meaning a combination of manhua + video + drama, so it is still slightly different to dongman or donghua.

If you don’t understand Mandarin, unfortunately there is no English subtitles, but if you have read the English translated novel, you maybe able to follow the plots. Well, we all know that there’s not a cat in hell’s chance of any of the 188 novels being made into a proper live-action BL TV series, but hey, this is the next best thing! This video is the combination of the first 20 chapters or episodes into one video, I will update when more chapters or episodes are available…

Update December 4, 2021: Found this link with updates of the latest episode…

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