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November 22, 2021

The Memory Garden 如果花知道 (Taiwanese Series OST)

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The Memory Garden 如果花知道 is a new 40-episode Taiwanese TV series that will premiere on December 20, 2021. The two male leads in this new series are Ray Chang 張睿家 and Shih Chih-Tian 石知田 who were both in the WBL series from earlier this year. The theme song has just been released so here it is…

Parasite 寄生 (opening theme song) – Bii 畢書盡

Below is the press conference and cast announcement of this new series together with another upcoming show 我和我的鋼四壁 from Star Chinese Channel 衛視中文台 in Taiwan last month… Fast forward 15 minutes in the video as they were waiting for the press conference to start in the first 15 minutes of the video…

Update December 18, 2021: Here’s the closing credits theme song, only the audio version available at the moment…

Be Alright (closing theme song / audio version) – Bii 畢書盡

Update December 20, 2021: Lyrics MVs of the closing theme song, plus 2 other new songs from the OST…

Be Alright – Bii 畢書盡

If So… (If You Haven’t Loved) 如果沒愛過 – Bii 畢書盡

Without Your Love – Dino Lee 李玉璽

Update December 28, 2021: Another song from the OST…

The Third Me 第三個我 – Jesslyn 陳佩賢

Update January 21, 2022: Two new MVs…

Cuz I Love You 愛你所以 – Dino Lee 李玉璽

If So… 如果沒愛過 – Bii 畢書盡

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