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November 3, 2021

Breaking Through the Clouds (Audio Drama OST) 廣播劇《破雲》主題曲

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Currently reading this BL webnovel, Poyun 破雲 written by Huai Shang 淮上, first uploaded online starting in December 2017 and the main story completed in July 2018, then 6 more extra epilogue chapters completed in September 2018. The novel has been translated into English as Breaking Through the Clouds. It is a crime investigation story involving illegal drugs and murders. I’m about 30-something chapters in at the moment and it is a very plot driven story. If you like Modu 默讀 by Priest, you are going to love this too. Whereas Modu is quite heavy reading, Poyun has quite a lot of humour, especially between the two protagonists, to break the heaviness of the main plot.

While reading this BL novel, I suddenly came to realize it is plot-driven or character-driven stories that attract me more than just purely the romantic side of thing in the BL stories. Maybe because I’ve always loved mystery type of stories before I discovered BL. Therefore, for example Thai BL dramas like Until We Meet Again and He’s Coming To Me that are plot-driven and Japanese BL dramas like Cherry Magic and What Did You Eat Yesterday which are very much character-driven stories are some of my favourites! So those BL dramas that just focused on falling in love without much other plotlines, I can either just take them or leave them, unless they are really intriguing to begin with, like TharnType or the 2 Sotus series…

Same with a lot of these BL novels, they must be plot heavy or really very character-driven to interest me to read till the end, and usually I find it hard to put it down once I started reading the novel. Poyun is another one of these. Anyway the first season of this audio drama was podcast in 2018 and there are two songs that I could find, one from season 1 and another song from season 3. I also found an official theme song written especially to coincide with the novel, which is not related to the audio drama, that was released last year. The interesting thing is that this official theme song is sung by the well known Taiwanese band, 831 (The Last Day of Summer), and not some little known mainland Chinese singer(s)…

Against the Wind 逆風 (season 1 theme song) – Mario

City Sky 城市天空 (season 3 theme song) – 大C

Poyun 破雲 (official theme song for the novel) – 831 八三夭

Update November 5, 2021: The song mentioned in the novel…

Young and Beautiful – Lana Del Rey

Update November 12, 2021: OK, I’m 120-something chapters in at the moment, my mind is in the cloud, not knowing what’s happening, LOL… The twist after twist are just mind-boggling, and the back-and-forth jumping from the explosion 3 years ago to present time is just too overwhelming, especially reading the novel at night tired after the day, my mind just can’t turn quick enough to digest all the twists… definitely a novel I need to read again from the start! With that in mind, I started to wonder if there is a timeline of the sequence of events in the novel somewhere in the cyber world, and… Surprisingly, yes, which means many readers are as confused as I am that there is such a thing as the timeline for the events in the novel, LOL… However it is in Chinese only and the timeline charts have been reposted over and over on Chinese websites that I can’t find the original source anymore…


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