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October 20, 2021

What Did You Eat Yesterday? きのう何食べた? (2021 Japanese Movie OST) 電影《昨日的美食》主題曲

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This is the 2021 film adaptation of the Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Fumi Yoshinaga, and it is also the sequel to the 2019 TV series of the same name with the same cast. There was also a New Year Special episode in 2020. The film will premiere in Japan on November 3, 2021.

In recent weeks, food-theme BL TV series seems to be the hot trend with several series being aired or about to be aired. However so far, the two series currently on air have been atrocious to be honest. I struggled through about 3 episodes of the Thai series, Bite Me, and decided not to continue with it! Even worst for the Korean series, The Tasty Florida, I didn’t even make it through the first episode, I dropped it like a hot potato as soon as they did the ML falling into the arm of the MC scene, an over-used cliché plotline that was so often seen in BG series which immediately told me not to waste my time with this series, LOL. Another Korean BL series related to food will start on October 21, 2021, called My Sweet Dear, gosh I really hope this one will at least be watchable!

However if you want good food-theme BL TV series, do yourself a favour and go watch What Did You Eat Yesterday? the original 2019 TV series, and also the special episode from 2020.


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