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October 18, 2021

The Immeasurable (Taiwanese Short Film OST) 網路短片《聽不見的距離》主題曲

The Immeasurable 聽不見的距離 is another Taiwanese BL short film that will premiere on October 22, 2021. It is also the sixth of the 10-film GagaOOLala LGBTQ series, Queer Up The Volume. Even though this series from GagaOOLala are labelled as BL, but after watching the earlier series or films, my conclusion is that they are more LGBTQ stories than BL stories since they tended to be more realistic plots reflecting the real world than the original “aesthetic” (the 美 in 耽美) definition of BL.

The theme song, Still Come Back 還是回到這, was an original song co-written by Eric and Kimberley (also guest vocal) for the finale performance on season 1 of the singing competition, KKNOW《TURNTABLE 輪到你了》, earlier this year where Eric was a contestant. Eric ended up as the second runner-up in the competition, and the song was immediately picked up to be used as the theme song for The Immeasurable, as early as April this year even before the short film began shooting in May.

Still Come Back 還是回到這 – Eric 謝祥寅 & Kimberley 陳芳語

Update October 27, 2021: Official MV of the theme song has been released…

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