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October 9, 2021

My Love Mix-Up! 消えた初恋 (Japanese Series OST)

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My Love Mix-Up! 消えた初恋 (Kieta Hatsukoi 消失的初戀), or also translated as Vanishing My First Love, is a new 10-episode Japanese BL series that will debut on October 9, 2021. It is based on the serialised manga first published starting from June 2019 written by Wataru Hinekure ひねくれ渡 and illustrated by Aruko アルコ. There are two songs from the series, and one of the songs has been released in full, I’ll add the second full song when it is available.

Secret Touch (teaser version) – Snow Man

Beginning Love 初心LOVE(うぶらぶ) (teaser version) – Naniwa Danshi なにわ男子

Secret Touch – Snow Man

Update October 10, 2021: Just watched the first episode, it looks good and the story moves along nicely (first time in months that I’ve watched a BL series this year at normal speed & not 2x speed for the first episode, LOL) and is interesting enough to continue watching. I think Japan still makes the best BL series, most did not disappoint. Whereas Thai series have just gone for quantity and not quality, too many average and boring series this year that I have almost given up watching Thai BL, because it felt like they are just targeting teenage audiences with too many fan-service scenes and not actually telling the story properly! So let’s hope My Love Mix-Up will continue to be good the whole series!

Update October 27, 2021: Official MV of Secret Touch premiering tonight…

Update October 28, 2021: Official MV of…

Beginning Love 初心LOVE(うぶらぶ) – Naniwa Danshi なにわ男子

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