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September 29, 2021

Unbridled (Audio Drama “Xiao Zhang” OST) 廣播劇《囂張》主題曲

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Xiao Zhang 囂張 is another BL novel written in 2019 by Wuzhe 巫哲, of Saye 撒野 fame. Xiao Zhang 囂張 means arrogant, but the English translated novel is titled Unbridled. This is another heart warming BL novel that I also loved. I first read the novel at the end of last year after I had read Saye, but at the time there was no audio drama yet, only a fanfic song for the novel that was released in early 2020 called Running Towards 奔向. The first season of the audio drama was first podcast starting in early May this year, and so we’ve now got the theme song for the novel, this may prompts me to read the novel again, hehe… Also if you haven’t read the novel and are wondering about the drone as featured in the MV, it is a major part of the story.

Just a note about this novel, one of the protagonists was first introduced in Qing Kuang 輕狂 (Bloom of Youth), which was first uploaded online in October 2018. In Qing Kuang, there is also a tiny mention that the school in the novel was the original school that Jiang Cheng (of Saye) studied in before transferring to the school in Saye 撒野, written in 2016. Going back a bit, the protagonist of Jie Yao 解藥 (Antidote), which was first uploaded in March 2018, played a little guest role in Qing Kuang, so there is a sequence of reading order if you are very particular about the order of reading (i.e. Saye > Jie Yao > Qing Kuang > Xiao Zhang), but there are no serious spoilers if you read them out of order.

Arrogant 囂張 – Liya 奇然

Below is the fanfic song from 2020 written to pay homage to the novel…

Running Towards 奔向 – Xiao Qingming 蕭清明 & Hua Qiancheng 花千誠

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