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August 7, 2021

【用點心做點心】Chai Tao Kueh / Lo Bak Go 菜頭粿/蘿蔔糕

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Chai Tao Kueh 菜頭粿 (also spelled either as Chai Tau Kway, or Chye Tow Kway) is a type of steamed rice cakes from Southern China made with Chinese white radish, luo-bo 蘿蔔, or chai-tao 菜頭 in Hokkien dialet, or daikon in Japanese. In Cantonese it is called Lo Bak Go 蘿蔔糕, and their version includes preserved meat. There are also variants of the rice cake made with taro or pumpkin. Due to its Hokkien name of chai-tao 菜頭 which sounds like 彩頭 meaning rising fortune, it is a rice cake popularly served during Lunar New Year for good fortune, either as is in slices after steaming, or pan-fried after it has cooled down after steaming. It is also a very popular rice cake in Malaysia and Singapore, but usually served as a stir-fried street food in cubes with eggs and preserved Chinese white radish (chai-poh 菜脯). Below are two cooking videos from Taiwan demonstrating the Taiwanese-style and Cantonese-style making of this radish rice cake.


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