Corner Café

August 2, 2021

Best Sisters Forever (Taiwanese Short Film OST) 網絡短片《親親壞姊妹》主題曲

Best Sisters Forever 親親壞姊妹 is the third of the 10-film GagaOOLala series that first aired on July 2, 2021. It is a short film of about 38 minutes duration only. One of the stars is a well-known music composer from Taiwan, Kuo Heng-Chi 郭蘅祈 (known by his stage name of 郭子 prior to 2014) and the theme song sung by him is a cover of the song he composed way back in 1999 for Taiwanese singer, A-Mei 張惠妹, included in her millions-selling album 《我可以抱你嗎?愛人》 (Can I Hug You, My Love?).


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