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July 28, 2021

[Notice] GMMTV Youtube Channel Hacked

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For those of you immersing yourself in all things Olympics the past few days, you may not have realized that GMMTV Official YouTube channel in Thailand was hacked this morning, resulting in all their videos on the channel disappearing, including all the full episodes of their dramas on their channel. Therefore if you want to watch some of their previous BL shows now, they are no longer available at the moment, which means all the episodes of the GMMTV’s BL shows I have linked here in my blog are all invalid now. Hopefully they can fix this huge problem and restore all their videos soon. However luckily all their music videos are on another channel, so they escaped the slaughter.


【Triple Play】《嘉賓》《未發送》《你的眼睛像星星》

Three Mandarin songs that are huge on the net at the moment, either due to being used as a popular meme song, or being covered by a lot of online singers.


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