Corner Café

July 25, 2021

Meow Meow Boss 我的老闆是隻貓 (Taiwanese Webdrama OST)

Meow Meow Boss 我的老闆是隻貓 is a new 7-episode fantasy mini-drama from Taiwan of about 15 minutes per episode. It premiered on July 16, 2021. The screenplay was written by Taiwanese screenwriter/author, Lin Peiyu 林珮瑜, who also wrote some of the HIStory series of BL dramas but Meow Meow Boss is not BL. For fans of WBL series from earlier this year, you will also recognize two of the actors, Ray Chang 張睿家 and Richard Lee 李齊 who played a cat-spirit and a dog-spirit respectively. I just watched the trailers and they look interesting. The closing theme song has also been released and it is sung by two former contestants of Jungle Voice season 2 聲林之王2 in 2019.


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