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July 22, 2021

Siew Sum Noi เสี่ยวซำน้อย (Thai TV OST)

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I just finished with House of the Dark Shadows, a Thai series which is known only by its Thai name, Reuan Rom Ngiw, earlier this week which was very entertaining to watch. Now I’ve discovered another Thai series without an official English title. It is just known by its Thai name Siew Sum Noi, and obviously the title confuses everyone that it has no English translated title but it has 3 translated Chinese titles of either 青春摯友 (Intimate Friends of Youth), 苦甜之戀 (Bitter Sweet Love), or 好膽你就愛 (Be Brave to Love). I read somewhere that Siew Sum Noi is a phrase in Isan dialet meaning My Little Friend.

It is a 12-episode BL series that premiered on May 12, 2021 in Thailand and now near the end of its first run, with 2 more episodes to go I think. I binged 5 epsiodes the last couple of days and really enjoyed the series. I’ve dropped a lot of Thai or Korean BL series this year after just a couple of episodes, either due to slow-as-snail story-telling, wooden acting, or silly sugary sweet plots. However surprisingly most of the acting by the young actors in Siew Sum Noi are quite natural and the plots move along nicely without too much filler scenes. It is also another series set in the northeast of Thailand (same as Hometown’s Embrace), apart from the Bangkok campus setting in the early episodes. Nice to see that Thai BL dramas have started to move away from full campus stories and out of the Bangkok setting.


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