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July 15, 2021

You Who Love 105°C 熱愛105°C的你 – A Si 阿肆

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This is a song that has become very popular recently, but was originally released as a advertisement jingle in 2019. It was a jingle for Watsons Water 屈臣氏蒸餾水 which employs 105°C high pressure distillation for their bottled water, hence the temperature of 105°C in the song. Well, so what makes it suddenly become so popular right now?

To cut the long story short, it is all because of an actor named Zhang Zhehan 張哲瀚. Earlier this year, he starred in the hit TV series Word of Honor 山河令, and shot to fame after 10 years of being a little known actor. Some of his diehard fans started to make video clips of him to post online, and using this song as the BGM (background music), because the lyrics suit him so well. From there, other singers started to cover the song online, and so on… I was a bit nonchalant about the song at first, but after a few listens, the song stuck in my head and I started humming to it… Ahhh, the power of jingles!

You Who Love 105°C 熱愛105°C的你 – A Si 阿肆

Below is a 2021 cover version by another singer that is also charting…

熱愛105°C的你 (治愈女生版) – Yu Sheng 予笙

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