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July 12, 2021

【Wrap 殺青】Chasing the Light (Saye) 左肩有你《撒野》

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The long awaited bromance TV series, Chasing the Light 左肩有你, adapted from the BL novel, Saye 撒野, has wrapped up shooting yesterday according to sources online! So now it is into post production stage and hopefully it will air in the last quarter of the year as predicted! I can’t wait…

The year of the “耽改 101 / dangai 101” (BL adaptation 101) in China has not eventuated. It is now July and only ONE BL adapted series has successfully gone to air in China, which is Word of Honor 山河令. It looks like the censorship board has thwarted the BL bromance onslaught in China so far… A number of BL adpated series has already wrapped shooting or done with post production and ready to go to air, but it has been all quiet on the Western Front, or should it be all quiet on the Eastern Front, LOL… Immortality 皓衣行 has been delayed since the beginning of the year, and another series, Winner Is King 殺破狼 has a change of name to 烽火流金 last month which got everyone excited that it was rumoured ready to go to air within days, but nothing has happened so far…

Now that Chasing the Light has finished shooting, will we see it by the end of the year? Who knows… This is one of the few BL adapted series in contemporary setting, so I’m looking forwards to this series. According to sources online, the TV series has been quite faithful to the novel with settings and storylines, obviously not the BL elements. There has been an avalanche of leaked photos from the shoot the last few days once the wrap was announced, and they do look very close to what was described in the novel… So I thought I would link those photos here to share…


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