Corner Café

July 11, 2021

The Summer Temple Fair (Taiwanese TV OST) 台灣電視劇《神之鄉》片頭片尾插曲

The Summer Temple Fair 神之鄉 is a new 10-episode Taiwanese TV series that began airing on July 10, 2021. The television series is based on the Taiwanese manhua/manga of the same name by Zuo Hsuan 左萱. It tells the story of a university student, Hsia Chih-Hsun 夏志薰, who has to return to his hometown of Daxi, after 7 years, to do a summer research project on the religious practices among the indigenous community in Daxi District 大溪區, a district in eastern Taoyuan City 桃園市, Taiwan. There are 7 songs written especially for the TV series, and they are all available now online to listen to. Below are a selection of 3 MVs from the OST plus links to the other songs.


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