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July 3, 2021

【Vita Dolce 甜蜜生活手作甜點】Classic Chocolate Cake 古典巧克力蛋糕

Saw this chocolate cake recipe a couple of days ago, and I’m thinking of trying out the recipe in the future, so I’m keeping the recipe and video here. As with a lot of recipes from commercial kitchens, we have to take it with a grain of salt as most would keep some important details to themselves, but in saying that I’m still interested in experimenting with this recipe. We can see from the video and the recipe attached, there are inconsistencies! However by watching the the video and reading the recipe attached, we should be able to fill in the gaps…

For example, the adding of flour and cocoa powder was not in the video, the editor of the video told us in the comment section that he “accidentally” deleted that segment? Also the adding of the butter was not explained, but from my own experience, the butter should be melted and added last, so I would do that. The cream of tartar was mentioned in the video, but not in the recipe given! Also be aware that the time and temperature given maybe suitable only for commercial kitchen’s oven, so adjust as necessary for home oven! The quantities given for the ingredients must have been reduced from a large batch used in the commercial kitchen, so they have unusual amount like 89g instead of 90g; if you multiply all ingredients by 5, we should get amount ending with xx0g or xx5g…

Lastly, a lot of western cake recipes written in Chinese like to declare themselves as traditional, or classic, but again, always take that with a grain of salt. It is usually to make them seem authentic, but usually the recipes have been adjusted to suit Asian taste palates!

Below is the recipe I have translated into English plus my own notes before I try it out, for the original Chinese recipe, it is in the description section under the video in YouTube.

89g 35% dairy cream
111g 70% chocolate
89g unsalted cultured butter
89g egg yolks
48g caster sugar (A)
159g egg whites
134g caster sugar (B)
67g cocoa powder
46g cake flour

For 8″ (20cm) cake tin, use 832g cake batter.
For 6″ (15cm) cake tin, use 550-600g cake batter.
Recommended baking temperature at 170°C upper (top) heat setting, & 150-160°C lower (bottom) heat setting. If your oven has only one setting, I would suggest baking at 165°C, and adjust baking time.
Bake for about 40-45 minutes, or until cooked.

Brief Instructions: (These instructions were written in the comment section after viewers were confused with the recipe, my guess is these instructions were later added by the editor, not by the pastry chef)

  1. Beat egg yolks with sugar (A) until sugar fully dissolves. (Add cake flour here too.)
  2. Beat egg whites with sugar (B) until 70% peaks. In the video, he mentioned adding a little cream of tartar but is not in the given recipe – if using I would use about 1/4 teaspoon (it is to stabilize the foam, but is optional if you are an experienced baker).
  3. Heat cream to 70°C (if room temperature is low, can heat to about 80°C), remove from heat, add chocolate and stir until dissolved to form ganache.
  4. Combine beaten egg whites and ganache, then fold in egg yolk mixture.
  5. Finally fold in flour and lastly fold in melted butter. (No mention of cocoa powder here, but later when the editor when answering viewer’s question, he said fold in cake flour with the cocoa powder here – probably need to sift the flour and cocoa powder together beforehand. I would try it without the cocoa powder first and see if that works, LOL… If that fails, it would probably be just a gooey chocolate cake, then I would try adding the cocoa powder the next time I try out the recipe. A couple of ways of doing this – as suggested above sift the flour and cocoa powder together then fold it in after step (4) before the melted butter; or if adding the flour at the egg yolk stage in step (1), then dissolves the cocoa powder in melted butter and add the mixture to the egg yolk mixture in step (1) just like making chiffon cake.)
  6. Let the baked cake cools for at least 1 hour in the tin before turning out. Dip the tin into hot water briefly to loosen the cake when turning out.

Notes for myself: I just re-watched the video, the pastry chef actually beat the egg yolks, sugar with the cake flour, even though the recipe said fold in flour at the later stage. I would follow the video here. Also it seems the cocoa powder is used to sieve on top of the cake before serving and not actually in the cake batter! However by adding all the weight of the ingredients, it comes to exactly 832g which is what the cake batter is for the 20cm cake tin, which suggests the cocoa powder should be in the cake batter, LOL…

Lastly, as I don’t know how reliable this recipe is, I would suggest using cheaper supermarket ingredients first for experimenting, unless of course if you can afford it. Once you have success, then try with good ingredients.

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