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July 28, 2021

[Notice] GMMTV Youtube Channel Hacked

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For those of you immersing yourself in all things Olympics the past few days, you may not have realized that GMMTV Official YouTube channel in Thailand was hacked this morning, resulting in all their videos on the channel disappearing, including all the full episodes of their dramas on their channel. Therefore if you want to watch some of their previous BL shows now, they are no longer available at the moment, which means all the episodes of the GMMTV’s BL shows I have linked here in my blog are all invalid now. Hopefully they can fix this huge problem and restore all their videos soon. However luckily all their music videos are on another channel, so they escaped the slaughter.


【Triple Play】《嘉賓》《未發送》《你的眼睛像星星》

Three Mandarin songs that are huge on the net at the moment, either due to being used as a popular meme song, or being covered by a lot of online singers.


July 26, 2021

Don’t Say No เมื่อหัวใจใกล้กัน (Thai Series OST)


July 25, 2021

Meow Meow Boss 我的老闆是隻貓 (Taiwanese Webdrama OST)

Meow Meow Boss 我的老闆是隻貓 is a new 7-episode fantasy mini-drama from Taiwan of about 15 minutes per episode. It premiered on July 16, 2021. The screenplay was written by Taiwanese screenwriter/author, Lin Peiyu 林珮瑜, who also wrote some of the HIStory series of BL dramas but Meow Meow Boss is not BL. For fans of WBL series from earlier this year, you will also recognize two of the actors, Ray Chang 張睿家 and Richard Lee 李齊 who played a cat-spirit and a dog-spirit respectively. I just watched the trailers and they look interesting. The closing theme song has also been released and it is sung by two former contestants of Jungle Voice season 2 聲林之王2 in 2019.


July 24, 2021

Given ギヴン 被贈與的未來 (Japanese TV OST)

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Another BL drama from Japan which premiered on July 17, 2021 with a total of 6 episodes. It is astonishing how many BL dramas are released in Asia this year and so hard to keep on top of! Given ギヴン is a live-action drama based on the manga series of the same name. The manga series has already been adapted into an audio drama and anime TV series and film previously, and this live-action TV drama is the latest incarnation. Although this is another campus drama, its central story is an amateur rock band, so it is something new in the world of BL.


July 22, 2021

Siew Sum Noi เสี่ยวซำน้อย (Thai TV OST)

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I just finished with House of the Dark Shadows, a Thai series which is known only by its Thai name, Reuan Rom Ngiw, earlier this week which was very entertaining to watch. Now I’ve discovered another Thai series without an official English title. It is just known by its Thai name Siew Sum Noi, and obviously the title confuses everyone that it has no English translated title but it has 3 translated Chinese titles of either 青春摯友 (Intimate Friends of Youth), 苦甜之戀 (Bitter Sweet Love), or 好膽你就愛 (Be Brave to Love). I read somewhere that Siew Sum Noi is a phrase in Isan dialet meaning My Little Friend.

It is a 12-episode BL series that premiered on May 12, 2021 in Thailand and now near the end of its first run, with 2 more episodes to go I think. I binged 5 epsiodes the last couple of days and really enjoyed the series. I’ve dropped a lot of Thai or Korean BL series this year after just a couple of episodes, either due to slow-as-snail story-telling, wooden acting, or silly sugary sweet plots. However surprisingly most of the acting by the young actors in Siew Sum Noi are quite natural and the plots move along nicely without too much filler scenes. It is also another series set in the northeast of Thailand (same as Hometown’s Embrace), apart from the Bangkok campus setting in the early episodes. Nice to see that Thai BL dramas have started to move away from full campus stories and out of the Bangkok setting.


July 20, 2021

Chocolate Cake (Tianmu version) 古典巧克力蛋糕

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Finally tested the chocolate cake from the video I posted earlier. It came out very well, although looking very rustic but it smelled heavenly!


July 16, 2021

CooKing 料理之王

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MasterChef Australia just wrapped up its 2021 season earlier this week after 61 episodes, and I was quite surprised to find another cooking competition last night unexpectedly. CooKing 料理之王 is a new cooking competition TV show from Taiwan. The first season premiered late last year in October and ran until January earlier this year with a total of 13 episodes. The second season just started airing from June 25, 2021. I did not know the show existed until I found it by chance after a random YouTube channel I was watching last night recommended it.


July 15, 2021

You Who Love 105°C 熱愛105°C的你 – A Si 阿肆

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This is a song that has become very popular recently, but was originally released as a advertisement jingle in 2019. It was a jingle for Watsons Water 屈臣氏蒸餾水 which employs 105°C high pressure distillation for their bottled water, hence the temperature of 105°C in the song. Well, so what makes it suddenly become so popular right now?


July 12, 2021

【Wrap 殺青】Chasing the Light (Saye) 左肩有你《撒野》

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The long awaited bromance TV series, Chasing the Light 左肩有你, adapted from the BL novel, Saye 撒野, has wrapped up shooting yesterday according to sources online! So now it is into post production stage and hopefully it will air in the last quarter of the year as predicted! I can’t wait…

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