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April 18, 2021

The Cook Up with Adam Liaw (2021)

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A new weeknight cooking show is coming to SBS Food. The new show is called The Cook Up and will be hosted by Adam Liaw, winner on season 2 of MasterChef Australia. It starts on Monday, April 19, 2021, at 7pm and will continue every weeknight for 40 weeks, that is a total of 200 episodes!

Update April 19, 2021: Episode Guide with recipe links… Episode 1 – Episode 25

Episode 1 | Family Dinner
Pork belly one tray roast and roast potatoes (Colin Fassnidge)
Lamb chop platter with lemon pepper yoghurt (Adam Liaw)
Saganaki burger (Yumi Stynes)

Episode 2 | Lemongrass
Turmeric lemongrass noodle soup (Christine Manfield)
Poached prawn, lemongrass and lime juice (Martin Boetz)
Lemongrass pork belly on rice (Adam Liaw)

Episode 3 | Vanilla
Toasty ANZAC biscuit slice with vanilla marshmallow (Katherine Sabbath)
Apple cider fritters with vanilla sugar (Adam Liaw)
Super vanilla ice-cream (Mark Best)

Episode 4 | Sweet Comfort Food
Flourless chocolate torte from Capri / Torta Caprese (Hugh Piper)
Four-ingredient flan (Adam Liaw)
Sticky banana and white chocolate puddings with butterscotch sauce (Lyndey Milan)

Episode 5 | Burgers
Vic’s cheeseburger (Anthony Puharich)
Peri Peri chicken burger (Lucy Tweed)
Rou jia muffin (Adam Liaw)

Episode 6 | Strawberry
Strawberry and white chocolate blondies (Mark Humphries)
Strawberry shortcake (Adam Liaw)
Strawberry and white chocolate and crème fraiche galette (Phoebe Wood)

Episode 7 | Snack Food
Pimped-up ramen (Benjamin Law)
Hot dogs and fairy bread (Yumi Stynes)
School prawns with salt of the sea (Adam Liaw)

Episode 8 | Fillet Steak
Fillet steak sandwich with tabouli and jar béarnaise sauce (Mikey Robins)
Steak diane (Mark Best)
Beef tataki with shaved onion and ponzu (Adam Liaw)

Episode 9 | Beef Mince
Bobotie (Warren Mendes)
Picadillo (Danielle Alvarez)
Beef and broccoli soboro (Adam Liaw)

Episode 10 | Watercress
Smashed potatoes with watercress pesto (Silvia Colloca)
Spicy lamb kofta watercress chimmichuri (Nelly Robinson)
Egg and bacon salad (Adam Liaw)

Episode 11 | Oats | Cheap and Cheerful
Buttered oats with masala chai sugar (Adam Liaw)
Almond and coconut maple granola (Anneka Manning)
Mum’s ANZAC biscuits (Rae Johnston)

Episode 12 | Noodles | Cheap and Cheerful
Garlic pork mazemen with coriander and black vinegar (Adam Liaw)
Singapore noodles (Mark Humphries)
Mee goreng with spicy eggs (Phoebe Wood)

Episode 13 | Lentils | Cheap and Cheerful
Legs and Lentils – Provencal lentils with roasted chicken drumsticks (Adam Liaw)
Kid-friendly dhal (Andrew Levins)
Sprouted lentil dhal (Palisa Anderson)

Episode 14 | $20 Family Meals | Cheap and Cheerful
Japanese curry sausages (Adam Liaw)
Balsamic glazed pork short ribs (Ross Lusted)
Hot Greek salad (Lucy Tweed)

Episode 15 | Cheap and Cheerful
Pouding chomeur (Unemployment Pudding) (Adam Liaw)
Tonjiru (Pork soup) (Chase Kojima)
Avocado and black bean salad (Marc Fennell)

Episode 16 | Scallops
Scallops with curried cauliflower purée (Nelly Robinson)
Scallops, bacon and asparagus (Adam Liaw)
Scallops with kombu butter and lemon (Taylor Cullen)

Episode 17 | Almonds
Almond pudding with ginger and palm sugar syrup (Adam Liaw)
Almond-filled semolina biscuits (mamoul bi lorz) (Carol Salloum)
Turmeric tea cake (sfouf) (Sharon Salloum)

Episode 18 | Dill
Spinach and dill fried rice (Adam Liaw)
Pan-fried salmon with dill butter (Alex Herbert)
Gravlax and tzatziki (Christine Manfield)

Episode 19 | Tofu
Tofu doughnuts (Adam Liaw)
Fried tofu with spring onion and red chilli (Linda Marigliano)
Silken tofu with orange and ginger syrup (Nina ‘Teddie’ Huynh)

Episode 20 | Apple
Emergency apple crumble (Yumi Stynes)
Green apple granita with strained yoghurt (Adam Liaw)
Roast pork belly with apple, soy and ginger (Benjamin Law)

Episode 21 | Tarts
Tarte tartin (Mark Best)
Roast chicken and asparagus tart (Adam Liaw)
Vegan chocolate tart with spiced chocolate ganache (Katherine Sabbath)

Episode 22 | Coffee
Coffee and cumin lamb leg (Anthony Huckstep)
Vietnamese coffee tiramisu (Adam Liaw)
Coffee granita with cream Chantilly (Luke Powell)

Episode 23 | Lemon
Shaker lemon tart (Danielle Alvarez)
Lemon, lime and bitters drizzle cake (Warren Mendes)
Lemon chicken (Adam Liaw)

Episode 24 | Salmon
Aburi salmon donburi (Adam Liaw)
Roasted battata harra with salmon (Lina Jebeile)
Salmon and finger lime ceviche (Guy Turland)

Episode 25 | Sardinian
Culurzones (potato and mint stuffed pasta with burnt butter and sage) (Giovanni Pilu)
Fregola, corn and bottarga (Mitch Orr)
Pita with passata, pecorino and egg (pane frattau) (Adam Liaw)

Update May 23, 2021: Episode Guide with recipe links… Episode 26 – Episode 50, starts Monday, May 24, 2021

Episode 26 | Snapper
Steamed snapper with garlic, ginger and black bean (Adam Liaw)
Crunchy fish hand rolls (Yumi Stynes)
Whole baby snapper with chorizo, tomato and peppers (Colin Fassnidge)

Episode 27 | Spice
Brussels sprouts with gunpowder (Adam Liaw)
King prawns with black pepper citrus caramel (Frank Shek)
Little spiced carrot and apple cakes with maple cinnamon frosting (Janelle Bloom)

Episode 28 | Peas
Bacon, peas and eggs (Adam Liaw)
Crisp-skinned ocean trout with raw pea salsa (Lyndey Milan)
Fresh peas, burrata and horseradish (Hugh Piper)

Episode 29 | Grapefruit
Seared scallop, grapefruit and fennel salad (Amina Elshafei)
Caramelised grapefruit, blue cheese, rocket and watercress (Adam Liaw)
Grapefruit and mung bean noodle salad (Clarissa Feildel)

Episode 30 | Turkish
Zabak mucveri (zucchini and dill puffs) (Travis Harvey)
Lamb mince ali nazik (Adam Liaw)
Yuvalama (Gaziantep festive soup) (Özge Kalvo)

Episode 31 | Sustainable Fish | Environment/Sustainable Week
Clams with corn, fregola and herbs (Danielle Alvarez)
Fish finger sandwich (Adam Liaw)
Katsu-style prawn bao (Warren Mendes)

Episode 32 | Day Old Bread | Environment/Sustainable Week
Bakery bankruptcy (Adam Liaw)
Stale bread yaytime (Travis Harvey)
Fattoush salad (Ronni Kahn)

Episode 33 | From The Garden | Environment/Sustainable Week
Zucchini and pesto scrambled eggs (Hayden Quinn)
Chargrilled baby corn and wagyu salad (Adam Liaw)
Garden cake (Magdalena Roze)

Episode 34 | Vegetarian Dinner Party | Environment/Sustainable Week
Roasted cauliflower with black garlic miso (Adam Liaw)
Stir-fried cos lettuce and oyster mushrooms (Linda Marigliano)
Baked heirloom tomatoes (Mike McEnearney)

Episode 35 | Local | Environment/Sustainable Week
Pork belly and spring onion (Adam Liaw)
Whole river trout with lemon myrtle butter (James Viles)
Rosé jelly with vanilla cream and berries (Tori Haschka)

Episode 36 | Carrots
Carrot tzimmes (Ronni Kahn)
Carrot and miso puree with parsley paste (Adam Liaw)
Charred carrots with tahini and furikake (Travis Harvey)

Episode 37 | Easy Dinner Party
Preserved lemon and pearl couscous salad (Benjamin Law)
Lamb shoulder tacos with horiatiki salsa (Adam Liaw)
Lobster hand rolls (Yumi Stynes)

Episode 38 | Sandwiches
Japanese egg salad sandwiches (Adam Liaw)
Danish prawn sandwich (Nelly Robinson)
Pesto, proscuitto and taleggio toastie (Taylor Cullen)

Episode 39 | Pesto
Shakshuka with parsley pesto (Anneka Manning)
Trofie al pesto (Adam Liaw)
Chicken and vegetable soup with parsley pesto (Rae Johnston)

Episode 40 | Broccolini
Beef and broccolini with oyster sauce (Adam Liaw)
Chipotle roasted broccolini and potato salad (Janelle Bloom)
Salt and pepper broccolini with green chilli vinegar (Frank Shek)

Episode 41 | Sponge
Mango rollcake (Adam Liaw)
Layered passionfruit sponge (Pamela Clark)
Cocoa Pop milk lamingtons (Andy Bowdy)
Similar recipes from other sources:
Strawberries and cream roll cake (Adam Liaw)
Wendy’s sponge cake (Pamela Clark)

Episode 42 | Broccoli
Broccoli soup with seaweed-butter crouton (Adam Liaw)
Broccoli and pistachio salad (Ross Lusted)
Broccoli and sausage pizza (Lucy Tweed)

Episode 43 | Butter
Forever-roasted pumpkin with lemon pepper butter (Adam Liaw)
‘Butter chicken’ egg curry (Mark Best)
Chocolate chunk salted shortbread (Katherine Sabbath)

Episode 44 | Peanuts
Peanut butter curry (Adam Liaw)
Satay sauce (Clarissa Fieldel)
Egyptian peanut dukkah (Amina Elshafei)

Episode 45 | Chocolate
Chocolate pots with mascarpone and tangerine (Adam Liaw)
Hot chocolate tart (Elizabeth Hewson)
Salted caramel chocolate brownie (Myffy Rigby)

Episode 46 | Family Favourite | Refugee Week
Sunday morning pancakes (Adam Liaw)
Dhal salon (Noor Azizah)
Foul mudammas (Rnita Dacho)

Episode 47 | Cultural Dish | Refugee Week
Grandma’s soy-sauce braised pork belly (Adam Liaw)
Sri Lankan chicken curry (Shaun Christie-David)
Suugo iyo pasta (Somali bolognese and bananas) (Hani Abdile)

Episode 48 | Winter Warmer | Refugee Week
Jiachang tofu (homestyle tofu) (Adam Liaw)
Water spinach with garlic and fermented bean curd (Dai Le)
Čorba (Jasna Dolic)

Episode 49 | Iranian Cuisine | Refugee Week
Lubia polo (green bean rice) (Adam Liaw)
Mirza ghasemi (smoked eggplant with egg and garlic) (Mahshid Babzarbati)
Baked prawns with tomato and saffron butter (Jacqui Challinor)

Episode 50 | Syrian Cuisine | Refugee Week
Frying pan kabab khashkhash (Adam Liaw)
Pumpkin kibbeh nayeh (spiced pumpkin and cracked wheat paste) (Sharon Salloum)
Muhammara (char-grilled capsicum, chilli, walnut and pomegranate dip) (Carol Salloum)

Update June 28, 2021: Episode Guide with recipe links… Episode 51 – Episode 75, starts Monday, June 28, 2021

Episode 51 | Cheese On Top
Chicken and mushroom doria (Adam Liaw)
Mushroom open lasagne (Lyndey Milan)
Beer-battered zucchini flowers with roasted capsicum sauce (Hugh Piper)

Episode 52 | Shortcrust Pastry
Brown sugar butter tarts (Adam Liaw)
Fig, walnut and pistachio crostata (Janelle Bloom)
Cumin lamb and zucchini foldovers (Frank Shek)

Episode 53 | Chicken Wings
Slow-roasted chicken wings (Adam Liaw)
Turmeric coconut chicken with nahm jim jaew (Palissa Anderson)
American hot wings with ranch dressing (Andrew Levins)

Episode 54 | Sweet Potato
Curried sweet potato mash (Adam Liaw)
Sweet potato and tahini dip (Breda Fenn)
Black bean and sweet potato empanadas (Kylie Javier Ashton)

Episode 55 | On The Bone
Roast lamb shoulder with cherry tomato vinaigrette (Adam Liaw)
Whiskey-braised short ribs with mustard and radish (Joachim Borenius)
Barbecued satay chicken (Lizzy Hoo)

Episode 56 | Native Meats | NAIDOC Week
Chocolate kangaroo tail stew (Adam Liaw)
Spiced kangaroo fillet with red cabbage and saltbush (Mark Olive)
Char siew crocodile wonton cups (Marcus Poa)

Episode 57 | Café Favourite | NAIDOC Week
Steak frites with merne ntange butter (Adam Liaw)
Lillipad’s salad (Nyoka Hrabinsky)
Lemonade pancakes (Rae Johnstone)

Episode 58 | Feed The Family | NAIDOC Week
Roast chicken with whole mushroom sauce (Adam Liaw)
Sang choy bao (Jodan Perry)
Bully beef with steamed rice (Nathan Lyons)

Episode 59 | Native Ingredients | NAIDOC Week
Lamb kebabs with bush tomato tahini (Adam Liaw)
Saltbush and mountain pepper squid (Mark Olive)
Native greens spanakopita (Jayde Harris)

Episode 60 | A Classic Dish | NAIDOC Week
Salmon meunèire (Adam Liaw)
Wagyu scotch fillet with potato gems (Gary Green)
Wattleseed cheesecake (Jo-Anne Lee)

Episode 61 | Crustaceans
Dried shrimp and zucchini with mung bean vermicelli (Adam Liaw)
Prawn cocktail (Anthony Huckstep)
Shellfish spaghetti (Luke Powell)

Episode 62 | Shellfish
White pepper crab (Adam Liaw)
Malloreddus, crab and preserved lemon butter (Mitch Orr)
Arragosta alla Catalana (rock lobster Catalan style) (Giovanni Pilu)

Episode 63 | Chicken Thigh
Chicken paprikash (Adam Liaw)
Oyakodon (Chase Kojima)
Oven-baked chicken thighs with olive, tomato and lemon (Kumi Taguchi)

Episode 64 | Bring A Plate
Coconut water and lychee jellies (Adam Liaw)
Nigel’s tiramisu (Nigel Ward)
Biscotti (Monica Cavallaro)

Episode 65 | Filipino Savoury
Bicol express / Filipino spicy pork stew (Adam Liaw)
Chicken humba / Filipino braised soy chicken (Will Mahusay)
Tortang talong / Filipino eggplant omelette (Luisa Brimble)

Episode 66 | Meat-Free Monday
Gobi manchurian (Adam Liaw)
Eggplant dippers with vegan sesame mayo (Nina ‘Teddie’ Huynh)
Mushroom adobo (Yasmin Newman)

Episode 67 | Tray Bake
Baked broccolini and sausage spaghetti (Adam Liaw)
Cannellini and sausage tray bake (Elizabeth Hewson)
All-in chicken (Myffy Rigby)

Episode 68 | Banana
Bananas Foster (Adam Liaw)
Banana muffins with lemon glaze (Anneka Manning)
Golden syrup spiced banana bread (Rae Johnstone)

Episode 69 | Favourite Ingredient
Cong you tofu (silken tofu with spring onion oil and soy sauce) (Adam Liaw)
No-churn olive oil ice-cream cake (Jacqui Challinor)
Bagna cauda (Chui Lee Luk)

Episode 70 | Orange
Orange and aniseed chicken traybake (Adam Liaw)
Duck à l’orange (Mark Best)
Gluten-free orange and ginger loaf cake (Katherine Sabbath)

Episode 71 | Lamb Ribs
Lamb ribs with cumin, fennel and Sichuan pepper (Adam Liaw)
Kambing sioh (lamb ribs in tamarind and coriander gravy) (Clarissa Feildel)
Korean sticky lamb ribs with pa muchim (Amina Elshafei)

Episode 72 | Naughty But Nice
Grandma pizza (Adam Liaw)
English flapjacks (Nelly Robinson)
Vegan snickers (Taylor Cullen)

Episode 73 | Honey
Chilli honey baked chicken (Adam Liaw)
Fried pecorino with honey and summer herbs (Nigel Ward)
Loukoumades with honey and cinnamon syrup (Anna Polyviou)

Episode 74 | Four Ingredient Pasta
Rosé prawn spaghetti (Adam Liaw)
Gnocchi with cavolo nero pesto (Myf Warhurst)
Spaghetti carbonara (Joel Creasey)

Episode 75 | Sauce
Periyaki chicken (Adam Liaw)
Thousand island dressing with prawns (Yumi Stynes)
Ginger and salted caramel ice cream sandwich (Benjamin Law)

Update August 2, 2021: Episode Guide with recipe links… Episode 76 – Episode 100, starts Monday, August 2, 2021

Episode 76 | Winter Soup | Winter Week
Sausage and brown rice minestrone (Adam Liaw)
Easy chicken soup with matzo balls (Lisa Goldberg – Monday Morning Cooking Club)
Wild mushroom broth (Analiese Gregory)

Episode 77 | Winter Favourite | Winter Week
Chicken sausage poule au pot (Adam Liaw)
Gomen be duba (kale and pumpkin) (TInsae Elsdon)
White veal osso bucco (Anna Ugarte)

Episode 78 | Cooking With Kids | Winter Week
Fat Pocky (Adam Liaw)
Ricotta gnocchi (Kelly Eastwood)
All-veg tomato sauce pasta (Colin Fassnidge)

Episode 79 | Pie (Savoury) | Winter Week
Chicken pot pie (Adam Liaw)
Green curry pork pie (Breda Fenn)
‘Shepherd’s pie’ with sweet potato mash (Kylie Javier Ashton)

Episode 80 | Toasties | Winter Week
Inside-out Bolognese cheese toastie (Adam Liaw)
Mozzarella in carrozza (Mark Humphries)
Spanakopita toastie (Phoebe Wood)

Episode 81 | Family Meals in 20 minutes
Salmon foil-yaki (Adam Liaw)
TV spaghetti (Lucy Tweed)
Chicken parmi and chips (Anthony Puharich)

Episode 82 | Japanese
Salmon and cucumber hand rolls (Adam Liaw)
Udon salad (Marc Fennell)
Chase’s sukiyaki (Chase Kojima)

Episode 83 | Spinach
Spinach in sesame sauce (Adam Liaw)
Creamed spinach (Luke Powell)
Quick palak paneer (Anthony Huckstep)

Episode 84 | Ricotta
Fresh ricotta bruschetta with braised onion and thyme (Adam Liaw)
Whipped ricotta with charred peaches (Mitch Orr)
Seadas (Giovanni Pilu)

Episode 85 | Mushrooms
Japanese mushroom and spinach spaghetti (Adam Liaw)
Garlic soy mushrooms on dashi silken egg (Frank Shek)
Lamb and mushroom sliders (Janelle Bloom)

Episode 86 | Macadamia
Wattleseed and macadamia ladoos (Adam Liaw)
Macadamia and lemon myrtle shortbread (Anneka Manning)
Native dukkah with Johnny cakes (Rae Johnstone)

Episode 87 | Long Pasta
Umami bolognese (Adam Liaw)
Spaghettini with mussels, wine and capers (Silvia Colloca)
Wild mushroom tagliatelle (Nelly Robinson)

Episode 88 | Eggplant
Barbecue eggplant dengaku (Adam Liaw)
Sheikh el mehshi (stuffed baby eggplants) (Carol Salloum)
Mutabal with lime, sumac and fennel-crusted tuna (Sharon Salloum)

Episode 89 | Goat Cheese
Kimchi pancake with goat’s cheese and cucumber (Adam Liaw)
Goat’s cheese, pumpkin and caramelised onion flatbread (Jamiee Foley)
Goat cheese marshmallow with summer fruits (Mark Best)

Episode 90 | Rosemary
Red wine and rosemary teriyaki roast lamb (Adam Liaw)
French dip sandwich (Ross Lusted)
Roast tomato soup with rosemary cheese flatbreads (Lucy Tweed)

Episode 91 | Pork Chops
Hainanese pork chops with onion gravy (Adam Liaw)
Grilled pork and herb salad (Martin Boetz)
Turmeric pork chop (Christine Manfield)

Episode 92 | 5 Ingredient Dinner
Tonkatsu ribs (Adam Liaw)
Braised pork shoulder trencher (Joachum Borenius)
Lizzy Hoo’s silken tofu (Lizzy Hoo)

Episode 93 | Late Night Snack
Café de Paris popcorn (Adam Liaw)
Loaded brie (Breda Fenn)
Mango and sheep’s yoghurt pots (Kylie Javier Ashton)

Episode 94 | Avocado
Guacamole salad (Adam Liaw)
Avocado green goddess (Andy Bowdy)
Avo-nana bread (Pamela Clark)

Episode 95 | Pistachio
Roasted apricots with mascarpone and pistachio (Adam Liaw)
Charred lettuce with tea-smoked cream and pistachio (Travis Harvey)
Katmer (Gaziantep pistachio pastry) (Özge Kalvo)

Episode 96 | Signature Dish At Home
Adam Liaw’s onion vinaigrette (Adam Liaw)
Fried chicken wings (Mitch Orr)
Spaghetti bottarga (Giovanni Pilu)

Episode 97 | T-Bone
Shared T-bone on mushroom sauce (Adam Liaw)
T-bone with smoked beef fat vinaigrette (Luke Powell)
Teriyaki marinated T-bone (Antony Puharich)

Episode 98 | Lunchbox Snack
Onigirazu (Adam Liaw)
Savoury muffins (Hoda Hannaway)
Banana-cue (Will Mahusay)

Episode 99 | Parmesan
Easy parmesan chicken with herb salad (Adam Liaw)
Pinzimonio (vegetables with parmesan, cashew and herb dip) (Silvia Colloca)
Nduja bruschetta with parmesan and basil (Nelly Robinson)

Episode 100 | One Pot Meal
Hokkaido salmon chanchan (Adam Liaw)
Chakchouka (Mark Humphries)
Quick chicken tikka masala (Phoebe Wood)

Episode Guide with recipe links… Episode 101 – Episode 125, starts Monday, September 6, 2021

Episode 101 | Rice Noodles
Hainanese bee hoon (Adam Liaw)
Rice noodles with coral trout (Palisa Anderson)
Rice noodle liangpi (Andrew Levins)

Episode 102 | Mid-Week Dinners
Peking-style sang choy bao (Adam Liaw)
Veal involtini with cheat’s hasselback potatoes (Monica Cavallaro)
Easy spaghetti alla puttanesca (Nigel Ward)

Episode 103 | Home Grown Ingredient
Roast sweet potato with rosemary butter (Adam Liaw)
Mutubal (Syrian eggplant dip) (Rnita Dacho)
Rohingya tomato soup (Noor Azizah)

Episode 104 | Cheese
Fried onion chicken mornay (Adam Liaw)
Chorizo, bean and cheese dip (Hayden Quinn)
Baked brie in sourdough (Magdalena Roza)

Episode 105 | Filipino Sweets
Cathedral window (Adam Liaw)
Turon with banana and jackfruit (Will Mahusay)
Quick halo halo (Luisa Brimble)

Episode 106 | Zucchini
Rigatoni with zucchini and pancetta (Adam Liaw)
Sweet and sour grilled zucchini (Christine Manfield)
Stuffed zucchini (Martin Boetz)

Episode 107 | Recipes Handed Down
Pork belly banh trung (Adam Liaw)
Cucumber and pineapple salad (Lizzy Hoo)
Savoury oven pancake with lingonberry jam (Joachim Borenius)

Episode 108 | Beer
Beer-battered flathead with sauce Andalouse (Adam Liaw)
Pale ale and five spice chicken wings (Kelly Eastwood)
Beef cheek and dark beer ragu (Colin Fassnidge)

Episode 109 | Comfort Food – Savoury
Meatball congee (Adam Liaw)
Takikomi gohan (Chase Kojima)
Mushroom and bacon risotto (Kumi Taguchi)

Episode 110 | Nuts and Seeds
Cashew nut chicken (Adam Liaw)
Barbecued squid and macadamia tarator (Jayde Harris)
Macadamia, wattleseed and chocolate damper (Mark Olive)

Episode 111 | Herbs From The Garden
Scarborough Fair chicken (Adam Liaw)
Prawns with vine leaf salsa verde (Jacqui Challinor)
Kuku sabzi (Mahshid Babzarbati)

Episode 112 | Biscuits
Peanut butter and jam shortbread (Adam Liaw)
Fudgy wudgy chocolate cookies (Pamela Clark)
Savoury cheese and sopressa biscuits (Andrew Bowden)

Episode 113 | White Fish
Barramundi schnitzel with cucumber salad (Adam Liaw)
Kombu-cured snapper sashimi (Keita Abe)
Meen moilee (fish stew with coconut cream) (Ajoy Joshi)

Episode 114 | Potato
Gratin Savoyard with sausages (Adam Liaw)
Triple-cooked chips (Anthony Puharich)
Mashed potato and gravy (Luke Powell)

Episode 115 | Seaweed
Seaweed prawn cocktail (Adam Liaw)
Kingfish cured in kombu and chilli (Mike McEnearney)
Furikake on avocado toast (Linda Marigliano)

Episode 116 | Lamb Cutlets
Tandoori lamb with green chutney (Adam Liaw)
Lamb lollipops with white bean and artichoke dip (Tori Haschka)
Lamb cutlets with anchovies and greens (James Viles)

Episode 117 | Culture Clash
Mapo eggplant spaghetti (Adam Liaw)
Kofta sausage rolls (Lina Jebeile)
Croquetas and kimchi (Kylie Millar)

Episode 118 | Malaysian
Nasi lemak with prawn sambal (Adam Liaw)
Quick char kway teow (Kirsten Jenkins)
Assam Nyonya fish (Junda Khoo)

Episode 119 | Alcohol
Confinement chicken (Adam Liaw)
Lime mojito pie (Nelly Robinson)
Limoncello amaretti cookies (Silvia Colloca)

Episode 120 | Rice
Prawn and corn fried rice (Adam Liaw)
Puto with sikwate (sweet sticky coconut and ginger rice with hot chocolate Tab-le-ya) (Will Mahusay)
Mujaddarat riz (Hoda Hannaway)

Episode 121 | Bacon
Bacon and egg okonomiyaki (Adam Liaw)
Smoky bacon and potato omelette (Breda Fenn)
Filipino garlic fried rice with bacon and egg (Kylie Javier Ashton)

Episode 122 | Off The Grill
Lao-style barbecue chicken cutlets (Adam Liaw)
Mussel fritters (Marcus Poa)
Grilled lobster tails with soft herbs and finger lime (Mark Olive)

Episode 123 | Go To Dish
Rigatoni boscaiola (Adam Liaw)
Soba salad (Chase Kojima)
Panettone bread and butter pudding (Monica Cavallaro)

Episode 124 | Pub Favourites
Pub-style salt and pepper squid (Adam Liaw)
Refried bean nachos (Mikey Robins)
Chicken parmigiana (Mark Best)

Episode 125 | Thai
Tom yum goong (Adam Liaw)
Deep-fried whole snapper with Thai seafood sauce (Jimmy Barnes)
Kaho man gai (Thai chicken rice) (Jane Barnes)

Episode Guide with recipe links… Episode 126 – Episode 150, starts Monday, October 11, 2021

Episode 126 | Duck | Hong Kong Week
Lap mei fan (Hong Kong cured meat claypot rice) (Adam Liaw)
Duck sang choy bao (Dorothy Lee)
Five-spice duck noodles (Marc Fennell)

Episode 127 | Cantonese | Hong Kong Week
Har lok (Cantonese soy sauce prawns) (Adam Liaw)
Sweet ‘n sour pork (Sam Young)
Cha siu chicken wings (Grace Chen)

Episode 128 | From The Bay | Hong Kong Week
Typhoon shelter prawns (Adam Liaw)
Pippies with XO sauce (Jason Chan)
Garlic and chilli soy cuttlefish with BBQ milk bread (Nelly Robinson)

Episode 129 | HK Street Food | Hong Kong Week
Curry fish balls (Adam Liaw)
Stir-fried beef with potato (Brendan Fong)
Hong Kong egg tarts (Jason Chan)

Episode 130 | Dumplings | Hong Kong Week
Shui jiao (basic boiled dumplings) (Adam Liaw)
Spinach and water chestnut dumplings (Heaven Leigh)
Classic wontons (David Chan)

Episode 131 | Nostalgia
Once-cooked chips with chip salt (Adam Liaw)
Homemade labneh (Lina Jebeile)
Toasted marshmallows (Kylie Millar)

Episode 132 | TV Dinners
Hong Kong mince and peas (Adam Liaw)
Quinoa poke bowl (Tori Haschka)
Lasagne jaffle (James Viles)

Episode 133 | Curry
White curry lamb (safed maas) (Adam Liaw)
Green lobster curry (Jane Barnes)
Red roast duck curry (Jimmy Barnes)

Episode 134 | Saturday Night Dinners
Chicken with bacon, mushrooms and vermouth (Adam Liaw)
Jacket potato party (Myffy Rigby)
Chicken and clove ragu with reginette (Elizabeth Hewson)

Episode 135 | Eggs
Square sausage and egg sandwich (Adam Liaw)
Enqulal firfir (Ethiopian scrambled eggs) (TInsae Elsdon)
Bernaise sauce with crudites (Anna Ugarte)

Episode 136 | Fast Food
Corn pakoras with chaat masala (Adam Liaw)
Congee with mackeral salad (Palisa Anderson)
Lev’s dawg (Andrew Levins)

Episode 137 | From The Sea
Pipis on toast (Adam Liaw)
Salmon pastrami with potato latkes (Lisa Goldberg)
Flounder with fried pickles and miso (Analiese Gregory)

Episode 138 | Simply The Best
Caprese bruschetta (Adam Liaw)
Rainbow soba salad (Magdalena Roze)
Pan-seared white fish with sautéed kale (Hayden Quinn)

Episode 139 | Childhood Fave
KL hokkien mee (Adam Liaw)
Atkilt alicha (TInsae Elsdon)
Spanish chicken cacciatore (Anna Ugarte)

Episode 140 | Pumpkin
Halloween pumpkin curry (Adam Liaw)
Rocket salad with pumpkin, mango and goat’s cheese (Yumi Stynes)
Whole spice-roasted pumpkin (Colin Fassnidge)

Episode 141 | Chicken Breast
Steamed chicken breast with spring onion oil (Adam Liaw)
Lotus leaf chicken crown (Ross Lusted)
Quick crumb schnitzel and hot bean salad (Lucy Tweed)

Episode 142 | Stir Fry
Beef and snow peas (Adam Liaw)
Easy butter chicken (Jessica Rowe)
Singapore-style black pepper crab (Tristan Lutze)

Episode 143 | Olive Oil
Vegetable confit risotto (Adam Liaw)
Roast capsicum and olive oil pasta (Jan Fran)
Date, orange and olive oil cake (Shane Delia)

Episode 144 | Cherries
Adam’s cherry clafoutis (Adam Liaw)
Pan-seared duck with cherries (Hugh Piper)
Cherry galette (Lyndey Milan)

Episode 145 | Most Requested
Steamed seafood plate (Adam Liaw)
Date scones (Stephanie Stanhope)
Amy’s banana bread (Amy Scott)

Episode 146 | 10-Minute Dinners
Pork and celery (Adam Liaw)
Udon with miso and Asian vegetables (Taylor Cullen)
Chicken katsu burger (Nelly Robinson)

Episode 147 | Takeaway
Ten-minute cheeseburgers (Adam Liaw)
Mum’s sausage rolls (Joel Creasey)
Schnitzel with kale slaw and oven chips (Melissa Hoyer)

Episode 148 | Easy Desserts
Crispy banana split (Adam Liaw)
Hong Kong-style French toast (David Chan)
Vegan black sesame and coconut ice-cream (Heaven Leigh)

Episode 149 | Chilli
Double chilli flounder (Adam Liaw)
Stuffed chilli pepper prawn ‘toast’ (Dorothy Lee)
Chargrilled octopus with white bean tonnato (Marc Fennell)

Episode 150 | Picnic
Picnic pasta with tuna and capers (Adam Liaw)
Muffuletta (Ross Lusted)
Chicken and mayo sandwiches (Jessica Rowe)

Episode Guide with recipe links… Episode 151 – Episode 175, starts Monday, November 15, 2021

Episode 151 | Labneh
Labne with broad beans and herbs (Adam Liaw)
Labne with cucumber, shiso and nori (James Viles)
Tartines with labne, roasted red grapes and walnuts (Tori Haschka)

Episode 152 | Lebanese
Stewed okra and tomatoes (Adam Liaw)
Eggplant fatteh (Fatteh bi batenjan) (Sivine Tabbouch)
Dressed Lebanese sausages (Karima Hazim)

Episode 153 | Special Occasion Dinner
Surf and turf (Adam Liaw)
Lobster with e-fu noodles (Sam Young)
Mud crab with ginger, shallot and mushrooms (Grace Chen)

Episode 154 | Brunch
Hot smoked salmon kedgeree with turmeric eggs (Adam Liaw)
Ham, cheese and egg buckwheat galette (Francois Poulard)
Lobster omelette (Anna Ugarte)

Episode 155 | Plums
Plum cobbler (Adam Liaw)
Crisp-skinned Spanish mackerel with plum agrodolce (Anthony Huckstep)
Grilled radicchio salad with plums, hazelnuts and guanciale (Luke Powell)

Episode 156 | Lime Leaves
Turmeric chicken with raw sambal (Adam Liaw)
Sweet fish sauce with fresh fruits (Alex Herbert)
Oyster, coconut and makrut lime salad (Christine Manfield)

Episode 157 | Staff Meals
Duck noodles with red cabbage and kale (Adam Liaw)
Anchovy, chilli and broccoli spaghetti (Jacqui Challinor)
Dan dan noodles (Chui Lee Luk)

Episode 158 | Afternoon Tea
Puftaloons with jam and cream (Adam Liaw)
Custard chiffon cake (Merelyn Chalmers)
Manuka honey madeleines (Analiese Gregory)

Episode 159 | Haloumi
Lemon pepper haloumi pasta (Adam Liaw)
Haloumi za’atar chips with pomegranate molasses (Lina Jebeile)
Grilled haloumi, watermelon and mint salad (Guy Turland)

Episode 160 | Cheat’s Dessert
Baked apples with almond crumble (Adam Liaw)
Roasted strawberries with ice-cream and almonds (Tinsae Elsdon)
Persimmons and stracciatella (Anna Ugarte)

Episode 161 | Summer Salads | Summer Week
Sukiyaki salad (Adam Liaw)
Watermelon and cucumber salad with fish sauce vinaigrette (Yasmin Newman)
Charred peach, corn and spinach salad (Nina ‘Teddie’ Huynh)

Episode 162 | Summer | Summer Week
Peach melba granita (Adam Liaw)
Grilled summer vegetables with cumin dressing (Myf Warhurst)
Caramelised onion and pumpkin tart (Joel Creasey)

Episode 163 | Party Plate | Summer Week
Prawn skewers with Sichuan chilli furikake (Adam Liaw)
Blistered shishito peppers (Jane Barnes)
Nonno’s mortadella sandwiches (Jock Zonfrillo)

Episode 164 | Mango | Summer Week
Mango and coconut kulfi (Adam Liaw)
Fish tacos with mango salsa (Christine Manfield)
Grilled prawns with mango and curry mayonnaise (Martin Boetz)

Episode 165 | Desert Island Dish | Summer Week
Turmeric barbecued fish with tomato sambal (Adam Liaw)
Kimchi cheese toastie (Remy Hii)
Pineapple cassava cake (Christine Anu)

Episode 166 | Prawns
Stir-fried prawns in prawn oil (Adam Liaw)
Grilled prawns with jalapeño sauce (Jaimee Foley)
Prawn and pork larb (Mark Best)

Episode 167 | Five Minute Snack
Pizza toast (Adam Liaw)
Omelette with greens, peas, ricotta and mint (Magdalena Roze)
Anchovy tomato toast (Hayden Quinn)

Episode 168 | Capsicum
Kids’ krapow (Adam Liaw)
Warm fennel and capsicum jam (Clarissa Feildel)
Mahshi filfil (Egyptian stuffed capsicum) (Amina Elshafei)

Episode 169 | Fresh Beans
Dry-fried green beans with pork and Chinese olive (Adam Liaw)
Italian sauteed broad beans (Linda Marigliano)
Aromatic snake bean salad (Nina ‘Teddie’ Huynh)

Episode 170 | Breakfast
Mexican migas (Adam Liaw)
Cilbir (Somer Sivrioglu)
Cheesy scrambled eggs with smoked salmon (Mark Humphries)

Episode 171 | Cream Cheese
Sour cream and pecan cheesecake (Adam Liaw)
Cheesecake raspberry ripple ice-cream (Yasmin Newman)
Flammkuchen (Tori Haschka) – German Flame “Pizza”

Episode 172 | Home Delivery
Wagyu don with microwave egg (Adam Liaw)
BSY Mapo tofu (Sam Young)
Leeks in vinaigrette (Julia Zemiro)

Episode 173 | Middle Eastern
White fish ‘tarator’ (Adam Liaw)
Roast cauliflower with tahini dressing (Jan Fran)
Riz bi-Djaj (Lebanese poached chicken and rice) (Shane Delia)

Episode 174 | Christmas Dessert
Panettone con gelato (Adam Liaw)
Rosewater cranberry fool (Pamela Clark)
Christmas trifle (Andrew Bowden)

Episode 175 | Christmas Roast
Cider and honey Christmas ham (Adam Liaw)
Stuffed turkey (Alex Herbert)
Roasted lobster tails with black garlic butter (Christine Manfield)

Episode Guide with recipe links… Episode 176 – Episode 200, starts Monday, December 20, 2021

Episode 176 | Short Pasta
Palak paneer penne (Adam Liaw)
Cavatelli with broccoli and feta ragu (Elizabeth Hewson)
Fresh herb rag pasta with pancetta, peas and goat’s curd (Myffy Rigby)

Episode 177 | Dinner In 20 Minutes
Cumin lamb with sesame noodles (Adam Liaw)
Kingfish sashimi with apple and coriander salad (Kirsten Jenkins)
Lemomgrass pippies (Junda Khoo)

Episode 178 | Roast
Roast beef with rich port gravy (Adam Liaw)
Roasted spaghetti squash with parmesan butter (Ross Lusted)
Butterflied leg of lamb with potato, pumpkin and green beans (Jessica Rowe)

Episode 179 | Morning Tea
Thunder and lightning buns (Adam Liaw)
Amy’s chocolate chip cookies (Amy Scott)
Apricot and almond no-bake slice (Stephanie Stanhope)

Episode 180 | Cream
Fettuccini alfredo with pancetta and fried capers (Adam Liaw)
Lamb and eggplant Sultan’s delight (Hunkar begendi) (Somer Sivrioglu)
Tropical Eton mess (Mark Humphries)

Episode 181 | Island Cooking
Poke zuke (Adam Liaw)
Prawn tacos with pineapple jalapeno salsa (Tori Haschka)
Cassava cake (Yasmin Newman)

Episode 182 | Shortcuts
Lap cheong and frozen vegetable fried rice (Adam Liaw)
Pacanga borek (Somer Sivrioglu)
Cherry and plum bread and butter pudding (Mark Humphries)

Episode 183 | From Where You Would Rather Be
Swedish baked salmon and root vegetables (Adam Liaw)
Slow cooker kap mauri (Christine Anu)
Karaage chicken with spicy mayo (Remy Hii)

Episode 184 | French
Ratatouille (Adam Liaw)
French onion soup (Anna Ugarte)
Chicken liver parfait (Francois Poulard)

Episode 185 | Sunday Lunch
Korean cheeseburgers (Adam Liaw)
Kibbeh nayyeh (Sivine Tabbouch)
Fattoush (Karima Hazim)

Episode 186 | Pizza
Muffaletta calzone (Adam Liaw)
Margherita pizza (Jessica Rowe)
Foraged pizza (Tristan Lutze)

Episode 187 | Texture
Agedashi tofu (Adam Liaw)
Ricotta and carob bastilla (Shane Delia)
Roast vegetable and quinoa salad (Jan Fran)

Episode 188 | Garlic
Garlic butter salmon (Adam Liaw)
Cantonese garlic butter (Jason Chan)
Black garlic mie goreng (Brendan Fong)

Episode 189 | Cooking With Wine
Coq au vin (Adam Liaw)
Japanese snapper soup (Keita Abe)
Pork chop recheido (Ajoy Joshi)

Episode 190 | Raspberries
Pineapple and raspberry on coconut yoghurt (Adam Liaw)
Raspberry and white chocolate muffins (Christine Manfield)
Summer berry fool (Alex Herbert)

Episode 191 | Sour | Taste Week
Pork belly slices with chilli oil and black vinegar (Adam Liaw)
Thai beef salad (Jane Barnes)
Risotto with herbs and agrodolce (Jock Zonfrillo)

Episode 192 | Bitter | Taste Week
Chicken with bitter melon and black beans (Adam Liaw)
Clam and sorrel pasta (Colin Fassnidge)
Dark chocolate, cranberry and sweet potato brownies (Kelly Eastwood)

Episode 193 | Salty | Taste Week
Beer battered asparagus with curry salt (Adam Liaw)
Taramosalata (Anna Polyviou)
Prosciutto, white nectarines, ricotta and almonds (Nigel Ward)

Episode 194 | Sweet | Taste Week
Gulab jamun (Adam Liaw)
Cream cheese blintzes with blueberry compote (Natanya Eskin)
Cherry and raspberry clafoutis (Analiese Gregory)

Episode 195 | Umami | Taste Week
Umami sauce (Adam Liaw)
Oven-baked tofu with sesame oil (Kumi Taguchi)
Mapo eggplant (Chase Kojima)

Episode 196 | Summer Dessert
Matcha cream pavlova (Adam Liaw)
Watermelon salad, rosewater and cinnamon labneh (Shane Delia)
Vodka slushies (Jan Fran)

Episode 197 | Dinner For One
Mushrooms on parmesan toast (Adam Liaw)
Baked salmon with lemon and butter (Melissa Hoyer)
Thai pumpkin soup (Joel Creasey)

Episode 198 | Ginger
Japanese ginger pork (Buta shougayaki) (Adam Liaw)
Ginger chicken rolls (Nelly Robinson)
Ginger milk pudding (Jason Chan)

Episode 199 | Colour
Beetroot hummus with turmeric yoghurt (Adam Liaw)
Seafood chow mein (Sam Young)
Salad Nicoise (Julia Zemiro)

Episode 200 | Technique
Classic omelette (Japanese breakfast) (Adam Liaw)
Sushi rice (Toshihiko Oe)
Warm kingfish sashimi-not-sashimi (Chase Kojima)

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