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April 18, 2021

The Cook Up with Adam Liaw

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A new weeknight cooking show is coming to SBS Food. The new show is called The Cook Up and will be hosted by Adam Liaw, winner on season 2 of MasterChef Australia. It starts on Monday, April 19, 2021, at 7pm and will continue every weeknight for 40 weeks, that is a total of 200 episodes!

Update April 19, 2021: Episode Guide with recipe links… Episode 1- Episode 25

Episode 1 | Family Dinner
Pork belly one tray roast and roast potatoes (Colin Fassnidge)
Lamb chop platter with lemon pepper yoghurt (Adam Liaw)
Saganaki burger (Yumi Stynes)

Episode 2 | Lemongrass
Turmeric lemongrass noodle soup (Christine Manfield)
Poached prawn, lemongrass and lime juice (Martin Boetz)
Lemongrass pork belly on rice (Adam Liaw)

Episode 3 | Vanilla
Toasty ANZAC biscuit slice with vanilla marshmallow (Katherine Sabbath)
Apple cider fritters with vanilla sugar (Adam Liaw)
Super vanilla ice-cream (Mark Best)

Episode 4 | Sweet Comfort Food
Flourless chocolate torte from Capri / Torta Caprese (Hugh Piper)
Four-ingredient flan (Adam Liaw)
Sticky banana and white chocolate puddings with butterscotch sauce (Lyndey Milan)

Episode 5 | Burgers
Vic’s cheeseburger (Anthony Puharich)
Peri Peri chicken burger (Lucy Tweed)
Rou jia muffin (Adam Liaw)

Episode 6 | Strawberry
Strawberry and white chocolate blondies (Mark Humphries)
Strawberry shortcake (Adam Liaw)
Strawberry and white chocolate and crème fraiche galette (Phoebe Wood)

Episode 7 | Snack Food
Pimped-up ramen (Benjamin Law)
Hot dogs and fairy bread (Yumi Stynes)
School prawns with salt of the sea (Adam Liaw)

Episode 8 | Fillet Steak
Fillet steak sandwich with tabouli and jar béarnaise sauce (Mikey Robins)
Steak diane (Mark Best)
Beef tataki with shaved onion and ponzu (Adam Liaw)

Episode 9 | Beef Mince
Bobotie (Warren Mendes)
Picadillo (Danielle Alvarez)
Beef and broccoli soboro (Adam Liaw)

Episode 10 | Watercress
Smashed potatoes with watercress pesto (Silvia Colloca)
Spicy lamb kofta watercress chimmichuri (Nelly Robinson)
Egg and bacon salad (Adam Liaw)

Episode 11 | Oats | Cheap and Cheerful
Buttered oats with masala chai sugar (Adam Liaw)
Almond and coconut maple granola (Anneka Manning)
Mum’s ANZAC biscuits (Rae Johnston)

Episode 12 | Noodles | Cheap and Cheerful
Garlic pork mazemen with coriander and black vinegar (Adam Liaw)
Singapore noodles (Mark Humphries)
Mee goreng with spicy eggs (Phoebe Wood)

Episode 13 | Lentils | Cheap and Cheerful
Legs and Lentils – Provencal lentils with roasted chicken drumsticks (Adam Liaw)
Kid-friendly dhal (Andrew Levins)
Sprouted lentil dhal (Palisa Anderson)

Episode 14 | $20 Family Meals | Cheap and Cheerful
Japanese curry sausages (Adam Liaw)
Balsamic glazed pork short ribs (Ross Lusted)
Hot Greek salad (Lucy Tweed)

Episode 15 | Cheap and Cheerful
Pouding chomeur (Unemployment Pudding) (Adam Liaw)
Tonjiru (Pork soup) (Chase Kojima)
Avocado and black bean salad (Marc Fennell)

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