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April 13, 2021

Bump It Again If You Have The Guts (Audio Drama Songs) 廣播劇《有種你再撞一下》主題曲

I’ve just started reading this BL novel yesterday, and I’m already hooked and can’t put it down! I know it has a weird name (my own direct title translation into English as I can’t seem to find any English translated novel for this one) but it makes sense after you’ve read the first few chapters… The novel is written by Wuzhe 巫哲, who also wrote the excellent Saye 撒野. This story is quite light-hearted and humorous with a bit of mysterious (maybe quite sad) background for the MC and a happy-go-lucky ML, just what I needed after just finishing the epic The Return of Cambrian Period 寒武再臨 over the weekend… The ML likes to sing, especially when showering, so even as I’m just about 20-something chapters in, he has already sang quite a few songs, and it was quite fun trying to figure out what songs he was singing as we only got bits and pieces of the lyrics, LOL…



Cold 冷 – Karen Mok 莫文蔚
Song in Chapter 11 – when the ML has to have a cold shower as he could not figure out how to turn on the hot water

What do You Want Me to do Otherwise 不然你要我怎麼樣 – Eason Chan 陳奕迅
Song in Chapter 20/21 – ML singing in KTV for the MC

Princess 王妃 – Jam Hsiao 蕭敬騰
Song in Chapter 24

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