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February 26, 2021

Word Of Honor (TV OST Songs) 電視劇《山河令》主題曲片尾曲插曲

2021 has been dubbed as the year of 耽改101, translated literally as “BL Adaptation 101”, in China due to a larger number than previous years of Chinese bromance TV series adapted from BL novels. The first-cab-off-the-rank Chinese BL adapted TV series for the year went online very unexpectedly without much ado on February 22, 2021. The trailer of the 36-episode webdrama, Word of Honor 山河令, premiered that afternoon with the announcement that the series would premiere that evening at 1800 hour online!

Click here for Full Episode Playlist with English Subtitles

Original Chinese text novel 天涯客, English translated novel Faraway Wanderers (still being translated, up to chapter 67 at the moment)
Interview with the cast of Word of Honor (Interview starts at 6-minute mark, note there are spoilers…)

Another surprising thing was the change of the name for the series. It has been called A Tale of the Wanderers 天涯客 all through the filming period, the same name as the novel. However, the trailer for the series was changed to 山河令, with the last character 令 (meaning order or decree) the same as the popular 2019’s BL-adapted series The Untamed 陳情令, which caused a lot of discussion online that same day and became a hot topic immediately. Even the poster for the series has very similar pose to The Untamed.

So far the reviews for the series is mixed among the wider population, but has been very positive among the BL enthusiasts because according to them, the flirting scenes between the two male leads from the first couple of episodes are quite obvious and not too subtle, even though it is supposed to be a bromance TV series! I have watched the first episode last night, and I can confirm the last scene of the first episode did just that, that wry smile from one of the leads, LOL…

There are 12 songs from the OST of the series, but only two songs has been released at the moment. I will try to add the other songs here when they become available.

Update April 5, 2021: Spoilers Warning – If you are still watching the TV series on YouTube which is only about halfway through, the MVs of OST songs being released since the end of March by YOUKU all have spoilers scenes, so avoid watching those MVs by YOUKU if you don’t want to be spoiled, but it is safe to listen to the audio version of the songs provided.

Opening theme song Heaven Asked 天問 – Liu Yuning 劉宇寧
Click here for OST full version of the song
Click here for 1-hour loop of the song

Closing theme song Wanderer 天涯客 – Zhang Zhehan 張哲瀚 & Simon Gong 龔俊
Click here for OST full version of the song

Update February 27, 2021: The ratings from Douban has Word of Honor 山河令 at 8.3/10 ratings as of today from 71,023 viewers. So it is getting a very good start! In comparison, the three other hottest dramas that are airing right now, 贅婿 has 7.0 ratings, 我的時代,你的時代 only has 6.4 ratings, and 斗羅大陸 even lower at only 6.2 ratings at the moment.

Added the Subtheme song sung by Zhang Zhehan…

Lone Dream 孤夢 – Zhang Zhehan 張哲瀚
Click here for the audio version of the song

Update March 2, 2021: Subtheme song sung by Hu Xia…

Untitled (Nothingness) 無題 – Calvin Hu 胡夏
Click here for the audio version of the song
Click here for 1-hour loop of the song

Update March 5, 2021: Two more OST songs…

Cometh the Letter in Brocade 錦書來 – Huo Zun 霍尊
Click here for the audio version of the song
Click here for 1-hour loop of the song

Drunken by the Reflected Moon in the River 醉江月 – Stringer 弦子
Click here for the audio version of the song
Click here for 1-hour loop of the song

Update March 7, 2021: Just looked at the Douban ratings again, wow, it has risen to 8.6/10 from 181,031 votes as of today.

Update March 9, 2021: Another OST song…

Return 歸 – JC Wang 王嘉誠
Click here for the audio version of the song
Click here for 1-hour loop of the song

Update March 10, 2021:

Cheery Look at the Martial World 笑看江湖
Click here for the audio version of the song

Update March 16, 2021: 3 more songs…

Lost Heart 落心
Click here for the audio version of the song

Extinguished Fate 緣滅
Click here for the audio version of the song
Click here for 1-hour loop of the song

Blind 盲
Click here for the audio version of the song
Click here for 1-hour loop of the song

Update March 17, 2021: Song no. 12 is here…

Watching the World 望天涯 (promotion song)
Click here for the audio version of the song

Simon & Zhehan will be appearing on the variety show Ace vs Ace, below is the live streaming interview they did on March 14, 2021, when they were there recording for Ace vs Ace episode, that episode will air sometimes within the fortnight… (Update March 20, 2021: They will be on episode 9 of Ace vs Ace next Friday night as shown here at the end of episode 7.)

Update March 19, 2021: Another song from the OST! So there are more than 12 songs, amazing!

Journey Across Mountains and Rivers 山河行 – Steve Chou 周傳雄
Click here for the audio version of the song
Click here for 1-hour loop of the song

Warning… the MV below contains spoilers for those viewers still watching the series…

Update March 24, 2021: Another OST song… The song, Borrow the Moon, was released on February 3, 2021 by Wang Tianyang 王天陽 as a single and not written for the series, but the lyrics was so perfect for the two protagonists that it was given free to use in the TV series by the rights owner of the song! WARNING – Big spoilers of scenes in the MV clip below, so be warned!
Also just a heads-up about the final episode which was aired for the VIP audiences last night, there is a 7-minute bonus real ending to the series which is a paid video called 山河令彩蛋 … The reason this real ending was not included in the final episode was in order to get the show to pass the censorship in China.
Zhang Zhehan 張哲瀚 has also just released a new song called If the Heart is Sunny 心若向陽, nothing to do with the TV series, but it is a nice little happy song, here’s the link to the song if you would like to listen to it. (Update March 29, 2021: Here’s the link to my post sharing 3 songs from Zhang Zhehan’s 2019’s EP.)

Borrow the Moon 借月 – Wang Tianyang 王天陽
Click here for the audio version of the song

Update March 26, 2021: Wow, YouKu released the full OST in one video, AMAZING!

Update March 27, 2021: Simon and Zhehan on season 6 of Ace vs Ace episode 9…

Next they will appear on another variety show, Happy Camp 快樂大本營. Below is the pre-show-recording live-streaming interview they did yesterday… The episode will air soon.

Update March 29, 2021: YouKu has generously uploaded 1-hour loop of the OST songs, I have added the links to each of the songs above. Also here’s the link to some unseen footage of Ace vs Ace ep 9 (at about 7:50-minute mark) which was not in the broadcast episode.

Update March 30, 2021: Many fans are very unhappy about Simon’s and Zhehan’s appearance in Ace vs Ace, as there are very little footage of them in the episode. However rumours are they get treated better in Happy Camp. Let’s get some background, Happy Camp and Ace vs Ace are rival variety shows. Happy has been around since 1997, while Ace started in 2016. Happy does not pay appearance fees, so actors/actresses choose to go on Happy to promote their shows, while Ace paid appearance fees to get them to appear on their show. Happy also has more people watching since they have been around longer and usually the show entertainers wanted to get on to promote their shows. Before Word of Honor aired, not many people paid attention to this show as it is made under very strict low budget with two relatively unknown actors. We have to keep in mind that Advance Bravely, another BL adapted series where Simon was one of the leads, was also banned in China, so Simon is better known to BL fans outside China than within China. Most people were talking about another bigger budget BL adapted series, Immortality, which will premiere this April. So when Word of Honor suddenly became so popular, both variety shows tried to get the two leads to appear on their shows. This time Ace struck first and got in before Happy. Rumours are Ace has already scheduled another group of actors for episode 9, the 20th anniversary interview that was shown in the middle of episode, so the sudden inclusion of Simon and Zhehan made them squeeze for time in the episode, hence the rather haphazard editing of the episode and a lot of Simon and Zhehan were unable to get shown even though most of the promo for that episode centred on Simon and Zhehan. After the fans complained, they were forced to show the unseen footage. On the other hand, Happy stuck to their schedule, hence they recorded the episode with the cast of Immortality first on March 24, even though that has not gone to air yet, and then recorded the episode with Word of Honor on March 25. So hopefully their appearance on Happy will be better.

Some interesting casting news, I have mentioned in Killer and Healer post that Mao Zijun was originally cast as Zhou Zishu, but turned down the role due to conflict in filming schedule. The role of Wen Kexing was even more interesting, the actor who played the Scorpion King, Li Daikun, was originally cast for that role, but decided the role of Wen Kexing was not suitable for him, and later got the Scorpion King role. Simon Gong originally tried out for the role of the Scorpion King, and in the end switched role with Li Daikun… Haha, fate!

Update April 2, 2021: Simon and Zhehan will be on tomorrow’s episode of Happy Camp, and Hu Xia 胡夏 who sang one of the OST song is on the episode too… Also Youku has just released the official MV to Steve Chou’s山河行, I’ve embeded that MV above together with the audio version, just be aware that all MV released now contained spoilers for viewers watching the series on YouTube since they are still updating new episodes.

By now, I think most fans would know that Simon can’t sing, that’s why he is always asked to sing because he said that as long as his fans are happy, he won’t mind making a fool of himself since he’s an entertainer. This all started a couple of years ago during one of his birthday live streams when he was asked to sing a song called Into You 好喜歡你… Due to the lyrics of that song, the part where he was singing “I really like you, woohoo…. Love you woohoo…” sounded like “I really like you, Wuhu 蕪湖, love you Wuhu 蕪湖…” where Wuhu 蕪湖 is the name of a city in China. The out-of-tune singing coupled with that lyrics, fans jokingly said he was the ambassador of Wuhu giving that city a tourism promotion!

Update April 4, 2021: Waiting for the official uploaded episode of Happy Camp, but here’s about 45 minutes of the episode someone edited with Simon & Zhehan.

Youku is also releasing official MVs of the OST gradually the past few days, so I’ll add them together with the audio versions above.

Update April 6, 2021: YouKu uploaded an Episode 6 Special Edition for YouTube viewers, with an extra scene at about 25:30-minute mark!

Update April 29, 2021: The live concert of Word of Honor will be held on May 3 & 4, 2021 and it will be live stream on Youku, hopefully on YouTube as well… In the announcement video below, the first group is of course the lead actors/actress, the second group is the supporting actors/actresses, and the final group is the singers who sang the OST…

Update May 1, 2021: Final week of Word of Honor, 3 more epsiodes plus the bonus ending episode, and it is all over… For all of you who also like to read novels, there is another novel all about the backstory of Qi Ye 七爺 (Prince Qi or Jing Beiyuan 景北淵) and Da Wu 大巫 (Wu Xi 烏溪) called Lord Seventh 七爺 if you are interested in their story. That novel was written before Tian Ya Ke 天涯客 (Faraway Wanderers), so Tian Ya Ke is actually a sequel to Lord Seventh. I haven’t read that novel but since in Word of Honor, Qi Ye said Zhou Zishu saved his life, so there might be the backstory of how Zhou Zishu met Qi Ye.

Update April 25, 2021: Finally caught up to episode 30, so while waiting for the final 6 episodes in the next two weeks, I’m watching these Filipino Americans reaction videos to see subtle things that happened in earlier episodes that I’ve missed. Love their reactions and so funny when they keep discussing what happened over important dialogues of a scene and not paying full attention, then get all confused! Even though I’m also watching the IPOND Thai reactions, I can’t understand what they said since they don’t provide English subtitles which is a shame.

Just some background for you if you are about to watch Word of Honor. Window of Heaven is an assassin organisation working for Prince Jin. Four Seasons Manor is the residence of the sect led by Zhou Zishu, who later established Window of Heaven for Prince Jin. Those 79 members of Four Seasons Manor died while on duty as assassins, not actually killed by their leader, Zhou Zishu – Zhou Zishu just felt guilty because he led them to work for Prince Jin. The Ghost Valley is an outcast clan, not actually ghosts. The Five Lakes Alliance brothers are sworn brothers, not blood related.

More below after you know about 2nd brother of Five Lakes Alliance and Scorpion King…






Scorpion is another assassin organisation from the south. Scorpion King and 2nd brother of Five Lakes Alliance are not blood related. Scorpion King is just like an adopted son of the 2nd brother as he called him “yifu” (義父) in Chinese which means he’s not his birth father, but the English subtitles just said “father” which could be confusing if you don’t know Chinese.

Update May 6, 2021: Just watched the special final episode, to be honest the new content is just about 2-3 minutes long, the rest are just old scenes put together like a music video. In the new scenes, we see a young child practising some sword moves on the snowy mountain top. When he finished, he asked for critiques, Zhou Zishu appeared on a platform above him and rambled off some critiques. Behind him walked out Wen Kexing, still with white hair, and disapproved of Zishu’s critiques. Both of them started their flirty fighting again. Below them, a man walked to the side of the young boy and told him dinner is ready. The young boy asked him (the man is the father of the child, could be Cheng Ling) if they were fighting because he hasn’t done well with his practice. The father said they have been fighting their whole life, and God knows how long immortals can fight, so don’t worry about them, let’s go home to eat. So Kexing and Zishu are now immortals, and if that man is Cheng Ling, he now has a daughter and a son at least.

Update May 10, 2021: Found this video explaining minute details of ep 36 & special bonus ep, in it it said the young boy is Deng Kuan’s son, which means the man is Deng Kuan who looked completely healed by now… LOL, for one thing it never crossed my mind they would put such a minor character in the ending, and the moustache confused me… That also suggest he married 1st brother’s daughter? There are also explanation of earlier episodes there. Another channel, AvenueX, also has quite a few videos explaining details on Word of Honor.


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  2. thank you for this compilation, the updates and for doing gods work!!! highly appreciated 🙂

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