Corner Café

October 15, 2020

Too Cute to Handle ไม่รักไม่ลง – Off Jumpol ออฟ จุมพล อดุลกิตติพร & Gun Atthaphan กัน อรรถพันธ์ พูลสวัสดิ์

Apart from Thai BL dramas, I am also currently watching the “NOT BL” comedy series, I’m Tee, Me Too, starring 3 BL couples from SOTUS, Dark Blue Kiss, and Theory of Love. Off and Gun both starred in Theory of Love (2019), and also currently in I’m Tee, Me Too (2020). This is their new single, Too Cute to Handle, which has just been released. Thai’s TV series producers certainly know how to promote their CP stars, haha…


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