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May 21, 2020

Until We Meet Again (ด้ายแดง Red Thread 紅線 TV Theme Songs) 泰劇《待到重逢時》片頭片尾曲

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WARNING: The videos in this post contain mature themes, not suitable for people aged under 15 years of age. Lifeline Australia – 13 11 14

Earlier this year, due to lockdown, I innocently started to watch a BL drama called HIStory3: Make Our Days Count from Taiwan, mostly out of boredom and also too many lacklustre reality shows being broadcast on TV here. I have no idea I’ll become a BL drama tragic at the time! Well, as they say, love is love, if you cut out the gender issue…

From Taiwanese dramas, I moved to Thai dramas. Well, that is because these Thai dramas are so easy to find and watch, and the studios that made these shows uploaded all episodes onto Youtube with subtitles! BL dramas are the biggest TV genre in East Asia at the moment, I read that there are about 20 new BL dramas being scheduled to air this year in Thailand alone! I have to say, before this year, I have never watched any dramas from Thailand in my life, apart from some cooking shows, because you know, I am not Thai and can’t understand a word of Thai language. However after watching a few shows with subtitles, I suddenly realized some Thai words sounded like Southern Chinese dialets, what a thunderstruck moment, LOL… In a couple of short months, I can now pick out words like “goodbye” (เจอกัน jer gan) which sounded like Cantonese, “real/really?” (จริง jing) and “cannot” (ไม่ได้ mai dâai) which sounded quite similar to Hokkien! I am also getting used to hearing “P” or “nong” being used as a polite form of addressing someone, and also the use of “kha” or “krub” at the end of a sentence, well, sort of anyway, LOL… Actually it is quite fun unconsciously learning a new language through watching TV shows… Finally I am also learning about Thai names, their nicknames and proper names, they are so intriguing. I can’t help but smile when the couple nicknames in some of these dramas are Tin/Can, or Win/Team, etc.

By no means all of these shows are perfect, there are still some shortcomings in some of these Thai dramas (or maybe that’s just the way it has always been for Thai dramas?), some of the acting are just so so (well, from reading comments online most of these actors are new, in fact many are acting in their first drama, so quite understandable), and the pace of the drama is sometimes too slow (there are just too many “gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes” and slow-mo moments). And also the product placements are, LOL, just too funny… Not just silent shots of products, but actual mini story arc on the products. Well, I can understand without these sponsors, these shows would not be made, so I can tolerate them at the very least. Also almost 95% of these dramas are set in universities, so it can a bit confusing seeing all these students and trying to remember who they are in each drama, as they are mostly unfamiliar actors to me and after a while they seem to merge into one big giant story. However, having said all that, there are some really good Thai BL dramas, and I have mentioned them in previous posts, like Together With Me and TharnType. What really got me in these good ones are the storylines and they sure know how to hook you in with dramatic opening scenes and tug at your heartstrings.

I am currently watching Until We Meet Again (待到重逢時 also known as Red Thread, which is an ancient Chinese mythology about destined lovers being tied together by a red thread, regardless of place, time, or circumstances). This is a story about reincarnation 30 years apart, and boy, what a dramatic sad opening scenes in the first ten minutes! I am about halfway through the 17-episode series at the moment when the protagonists are just finding out about their past lives, and tear-jerking moments in almost every episode! This drama also touches on the traditional Thai sweets as one of the protagonists is a member of the cooking club and there are numerous making of the traditional Thai sweet snacks and explanation of Thai food culture which is a bonus. I also love the soundtracks, so here are three songs I really like from the drama, even though I can’t understand a word if I don’t look at the translations.

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