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February 17, 2020

【用點心做點心】Black Pepper Pork Pastries 胡椒餅

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Taiwanese snack video from Formosa TV Entertainments‘ (民視綜藝娛樂) TV show called 用點心做點心 (translated as “Use Your Heart, Make A Snack”). From today, I will occasionally link cooking demonstration videos from Taiwan, especially Taiwanese snacks, here, and maybe I will translate the recipes into English when I have time. First off, this is a savoury Taiwanese Baked Black Pepper Pastries (胡椒餅) recipe.

It is a shame that it seems they no longer post full written recipe (for printing out) for all the videos as I can’t seem to find the full recipe for this pastry (the recipe is at the end of the video, but maybe there’s a delay in posting it on their website as this is from yesterday’s episode?), only on their facebook where they list the ingredients only (which are already in the video anyway), but here it is…

杜麗娟 老師

胡椒餅 材料:

麵糰材料:Main dough:
中筋麵粉 300克 300g plain flour
細砂糖 21克 21g caster sugar
速溶酵母粉 4克 4g instant yeast
水 165克 165g water
豬油 15克 15g lard

油酥材料:Lard dough:
低筋麵粉 110克 110g cake flour
豬油 55克 55g lard

For the pastry, see my Chinese Flaky Pastry post, except this one has yeast in it, but the method of combining the two doughs is still the same.

後腿絞肉 300克 300g coarsely ground pork leg (using No. 10 mincer plate to grind)
肥油 150克 150g fatty pork (also coarsely chopped)
米酒 5克 5g rice wine
鹽 3克 3g salt
醬油 38克 38g soy sauce
糖 6克 6g sugar
五香粉 2克 2g five-spice powder
粗粒黑胡椒粉 8克 8g coarsely ground black pepper
白胡椒粉 2克 2g ground white pepper
全蛋 28克 28g egg
香油 適量 sesame oil, to taste

蔥花 150克 150g chopped spring onions
糖水 適量 some sugar syrup
白芝麻 30克 30g white sesame seeds

Note that some measurements above look odd, like 21g, 28g, etc., this is because they have been reduced from large commercial quantity to suit home-made quantity.

Below are a couple of news items on the Black Pepper Pastries in Taiwan, showing the traditional way of cooking the pastries in an oven that is very similar to a tandoori. The pastry is stuck to the inside wall of the oven to cook…

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