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January 23, 2020

The Sound of Falling Snow 雪落下的聲音(電視劇《延禧攻略》片尾曲)

This song is the closing credits song from the 2018 Chinese period TV drama Story of Yanxi Palace (延禧攻略). I have never watched the 70-episode series, so the first time I heard the song was from the third season of the reality singing show Sound of My Dream (夢想的聲音). I love the song, so I went and searched for the original track sang by Rover Lu (陸虎), and love that version too which fitted with the mood of the drama. If you have watched the episode of Sound of My Dream where J J Lin covered the song, you would have noticed he interpreted it differently. Well, that is because he was given the criteria which was to perform the song with a “dazzling, splendour, grandeur” arrangement (歌曲限定詞:金碧輝煌).

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